Official SN Power Adder Poll

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MRaburn, Sep 3, 2004.


What's your preferred Power Adder type?

  1. Turbos

    191 vote(s)
  2. Centrifical Superchargers

    248 vote(s)
  3. Roots Blower

    67 vote(s)
  4. Nitrous

    85 vote(s)
  1. I'm partial to positive displacement.
  2. spray me silly.....
  3. Paxton Novi 2000 :nice:
  4. thats what i plan to do.
  5. i got the spray. cheap.
  6. One day once I pay off this engine i'm going with a dart block and a turbo.
  7. Had 2 turbos, want another :nice:
  8. Tubro is sweet because you can put a loud ass blow-off valve on them... I've never heard one come out of a Stang before... just gay hondas and some WRXs

    But once I have tha money, I'm going to get a Vortech. Alot easier and cheaper to put in -- and I've always wanted that S/C whine
  9. Both my cars make a nice whistle when I get on it and a PSHHH when I get off it. Turbos are unbelievably more efficient and just work better, period.

    Anyone realize turbos can make whatever boost you want and superchagrers cant?? Boost controller, wastegates. I can make anywhere from 7 to 25 psi in either car without changing a damn thing. How's that make you feel?
  10. I didn't see one big turbo as an option :D
  11. I'd think that turbos take way too long to spool for the 5.0. They're good in high gears, like on a dyno, or on a highway. Low gears probably wont spool the turbos until nicely into the redline. If you spend most of the time in low gears, you might as well have a centrifugal s/c.
  12. Exactly.

    Turbos are ****en because of the squeel and blow off, but the turbo lag thing really makes me feel kinda :shrug:

    Superchargers are instant power right there all the time, but just don't sound as cool as a turbo.

    All in all I want both cause they both kick ass, but if I can find a cheap junkyard turbo or a good deal on a turbo kit, im all over it.
  13. ...what about twin screw s/cs like kb,,,or are they considered "roots style"
  14. i think
  15. I'm gonna go with a Hellion Power Systems turbo.
  16. wow i thought more guys would have the spray since its so cheap......well kinda, the refills get annoying.
  17. p---a---x---t---o---n

  18. R- badges, man. You know an R badge adds like 200 horse, yo. Instant low 10's, just ask anyone who has one.
  19. i have a blower on my 88 lx but would loooove to have turbo anyday over any supercharger. thay make way more sence. more boost at lower rpms with less tax on engine.