40th Anniv Official Spotted Thread

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sav0320, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. This is only for real 40th cars with stripes!

    Post what/where.
  2. Two in Westland, MI -

    1) GT Crimson Red hardtop - some pimp looking "Bullitts" with big rear wheel offset in the summer, stock 17s in winter. Parked on Hunter, passed it a bunch if times.

    2) GT Crimson Red 'Vert - spotted at Heartland Market (Wildwood/Ford) on 3/4/09.

    Haven't seen one on the road for quite a while.
  3. Garden City or Westland, MI, not sure what town it is...South of Cherry Hill on Venoy, clear taillights. GT Coupe, Crimson. Sitting in a driveway.
  4. White V6 vert in Clermont, FL. 2 Black GT's (one of which is mine) and Crimson GT in Orlando, FL

    Just moved to MI a couple weeks ago and Mine is the only one I have seen around the St.Charles/Saginaw area.
  5. Black V-6 convertible heading north on Wayne Rd at Hunter in Westland, MI.
  6. Torch red, both V6, one was a former co-workers at the casino I used to work at (went there last night), one is at the dealership near my house.