Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Twisted, May 27, 2003.

  1. Yes at high rpms I have a slight bump you can feel as I go from 2nd to 3rd... What does that mean?
  2. Hey guys this is a post about problems with the 3650.

    Dotn psot unless you have a problem.

    My is a pain in the a$$ from 1st to second.

    I talked to Tremec and they said that not to use synthetic, to use Texico Dexron III and fill it to 3,2L not 3.8L We'll see if that works. If not I am taking it in. Something is wrong that is for sure.

    Only post your problems !!!

    PLEASE !!!!!
  3. I have a 02 GT and mine has been great!!!

    :D Sorry Dewayne, :jester:
  4. Mine sometimes grinds on th 3-4 shift. Very rarely though.
  5. The reason I started this thread is to get a list of people with a tremec 3650 problem. I know that there are many that do not have the problems and I wish I was in your shoes. But for the rest of us with problems, Ford seems to be no responsive. My dealer has straight out and lied to my face that it is "normal" even after I duplicated the grind/clunk with a technicial in the car. Is this just one dealer or is Ford instructing them to blow us off since they do not want to pay for the fix?
  6. My 02 GT now has just over 20k and I'm having the 1/2 synchro and shift fork replaced next week.

    I will reply for my cousin also, he has an 01 cobra with 30k and just had his transmission fully replaced.
  7. Bent 1-2 shift fork and bad syncro with under five hundred miles on the tach. Car spent 20 of its first 40 days of ownership in the shop.
  9. :bs: How can anyone who knows anything about cars say this is normal? :mad: Sounds like ford is trying to cover up the fact that they put a P.O.S. tranny in the newer 'stangs
  10. Exactly!!! That is why I started this thread to get some support and people gathered to go to Ford with.
  11. I talked to a Tremec Technician, and this is what he told me about the 3650.

    He said that From the factory Frod puts Mobil 1 synthetic in the tranny, dont believe anything else I have verified this with 3 Tremec Technicians. It is fact.

    He told me that all the testing they have done has shown that with 3.8l of mobil 1 the 1 to 2nd grind exists. He told me to use Texaco Dexron III and fill it to 3.2liter not 3.8liters and that resolved the problem in there testing.

    I have not done this yet, but I plan to and will keep you informed. and gonna take it to the dealer on Monday.

    This is how you guys need to handle your complaints.

    1. Call Frod Directly first and tell of your problem. The dealer will treat you mcuh better , cause Ford faxes a service call to the dealer letting them know of your problem, If your problem is not fixed, which it should be, call the attorney General, and file a complaint, also call the National Highway Traffic Adminstration, and file a complaint. also file a certified letter to Ford stating your problem (hint) Let them know how unhappy you are with the mustang and that you love Ford but are very unhappy with a car you love. They want you to be hapy trust me.that is about all we can do and 99% of the time it gets results.

    Good Luck all I am on the same mission as you all.
  12. DeWayne

    I have called Ford 2 times about this issue. I also recieved a courtesy service follow up call from Ford surveying the dealer and explained my bad experience. Right now I am driving the car for 2 weeks as advised by the dealer "to let the fluid work itself in."
    With the new fluid the problem has gone from repeatable everytime I start driving to random and no longer temperature dependent. With this problem now random, the dealer will never admit there is an issue.
  13. Eric Bruce 02 GT 13,500 on odometer. Grinding gears isn't a problem but when the car is cold it lags like a Mutha! as soon as the car is engaged in gear and moving all of a sudden RPMs drop drastically and almost stalls. But when it warms up the car runs great. Been to dealer about 6 times for it and they say they don't know what to do. Tried reprogramming PCM, adjust idle, checking fuel line, injectors, etc... and NOTHING. still does it. So if your ****ing to Ford i got your back.
  14. The 1-2 cold shift issue is horrible!!! I live in Chicago and the weather is damn cold from November through April and I have to granny shift the damn thing for the first 15-20 minutes until the tranny warms up. I replaced the factory Mercon fluid with Redline D4 ATF and there is no difference!

    When everything warms up, I have no complaints. It shifts flawlessly when warmed up so don't tell me anything about bent shift forks or any other BS! It is a design flaw!!!

    I'd like to know how the hell this made it through Ford's and Tremec's testing??? Did they do all of the testing in frickin Mexico City in the summer time when it is 110 degF?

    I'm seriously thinking about selling this thing for this reason alone because 6 months per year of this crap is total BS.
  15. Forgot the details:
    2002 GT, currently have 9,000 miles. Problem started as soon as night time temperatures decreased below approximately 40-50 degF so as far as I know it started from day one. When temp is below 20degF...forget about it!!!

    I'm also an experienced owner of manual transmissions and the TR-3650 is the only one where I noticed this type of issue. I drove a '78 VW Rabbitt (4-speed) for 4 years, '83 RX-7 (5-speed) for 2 years, '92 Mustang 5.0 (5-speed) for 10 years, and now the '02 Mustang GT (5-speed) for 1 year...all of which were driven year round in Chicago.
  16. Don't get me wrong. I love this frickin Mustang aside from this issue and would really hate to give it up. But I just can't live with this problem for 9-10 more winters.
  17. Cold 1 to second Shifts

    I'm with the group on this thread!

    I have 3000 miles on my 2002 GT and have the 1 to 2nd grind when cold. After it warms up it's perfect:D

    I have changed the fluid to Redline D4 and it didn't help the problem. I've also installed a Tri-Ax shifter and clutch cable adjuster in hopes resolving the help.

    I personally think Ford owes us all transmissions! I have not taken my car back to the dealer in fear that they will cause more damage to the car than good.
  18. Yup- Mine does the infamous 1-2 shift clunk. It's an 2002 GT and I'm about fed up with it. Sorry guys, I'm getting a GTO with an LS1, T-56 and 340HP. ;)

    Edit 2004- I got a Mach 1, Best decision ever made. Why the hell did I want a GTO?
  19. Same here....2002 GT in NY and during winter it was so bad I had to get a remote starter to have the car warm up for at least 10 minutes before I "attempted" to drive it. If I just start it up and try to shift it wouldn't go into 2nd most of the time and first took some looking for....I did a lot of 1 to 3 shifts before I got the remote starter. :nonono:

    Don't get me wrong in the warmer weather I'm happy with it but anything below 40 degrees and I gotta warm the car up before I start to drive it. Not for the sake of it running at normal temperature but because it just doesn't want to shift right when its cold. And even when the car is warmed up you still can feel some hesitation when its really cold outside.

    I took it to Ford and they changed the fluid and told me its "normal" they said they already attempted the same "fix" of swapping trannies of a 03 GT and it had no affect and only made the customer lose their car for a week. So I didnt' want to go through that trouble.

    I still like my mustang and I'm not going to give it up over a tranny flaw that can be avoided by warming the car up. ;)
  20. synchros went bad around 4000 miles... my 2nd to third shifter is tough, and before I put it into reverse I need to put it into first or else it will grind