Official Tremec 3650 Issues Thread

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Twisted, May 27, 2003.

  1. I have a 2007 TR-3650 and found that the RPM or input shaft or whatever that keeps spinning after you floor the clutch pedal, takes a few moments to spool down when it is cold. Once everything gets warmed up, it seems that it doesn't take as long for the synchros to do their job.

    For instance, if I left my house with a cold engine/trans, doing a simple 2000 RPM granny shift from 1st to 2nd will require a lot of effort to push into the 2nd gear gate. Now, if I revved to 2k, clutched out, and waited about 1-2 seconds, it will be easier to shift into 2nd gear.

    I used 3 qt of Redline High-Temp ATF, but the same thing happened with the factory fill ATF.

    I suppose if you're not careful about this, it can wear out the 2nd gear synchros which seems to happen to some people.
  2. Just picked up 4 bottles of Royal Purple Synchromax. Going to change out the fluid tomorrow with 3.0L (3.17quarts), Ill report back with the results.

    Damn 946ml bottles, I had to buy an extra bottle just for 150ml! Bastards! If it fixes my harsh 1-2 shift when cold, then well they aren't bastards anymore.
  3. Mine is an '03 Centennial Edition. Got it last Christmas and within a couple week, noticed the grinding 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. Tried switching to a B&M shifter, made no real difference. Took it to the dealer twice and finally they performed the TSB. Seemed better for a short while but gradually got back to the usual poor shifts. Been "living with it" ever since.
    Today, I talked to a friend of mine who owns a Cottman Trans shop (he was doing a trans in my son's Taurus) about the issue. He tells me the problem is "unfixable", at least permanently. He said the problem is two-fold:
    1. The gears are teflon coated and that's why you shouldn't use synthetic fluid (it eats the teflon)
    2. The synchros just don't get enough friction on them to work properly (hence, yet another reason to NOT use synthetic fluids).
    He tells me the only fix is to replace the trans but even that is only temporary. Depending on how the car's driven, the teflon will wear of the gears and then you're left with the grinding shifts.

    He suggested using synchromesh fluid because it supposedly puts some kind of coating on the gears and thereby lessens the teflon wearing off issue, but you're still left with the poor synchro design issue.
    Bottom line, he tells me there's just no real cure for those transmissions.
  4. I have logged about 4100 miles on my 2007 TR-3650. I switched to Redline High-Temp ATF almost from the start. I can now shift it like a German transmission (gently like I'm holding an egg). I revmatch for downshifts all the time. I drive it on a daily basis and the temperature swings have been from 40F up to 90F ambient. I do not notice anything quirky when it is cold nor when it is hot. The Redline High-Temp ATF is the thickest Mercon-spec ATF available. I used slightly less than 3 quarts of ATF. I bought 3 quarts and used a hand pump to push it into the 3650, but there was still a bit of fluid left over in the pump. So far so good.

    I was going to give Royal Purple's Synchromesh a try next if the Redline didn't pan out.
  5. Just got off the phone with TTC. The tech gave me a couple things to check on my car. He wants to know which Ford TSB the local dealer performed on my car, what fluid's in it, and how much.
    We had a good conversation about the transmission, and what their update kits have been pursuant to Ford's TSB's. We also talked about why the trans originally came with Mobil 1 but is now supposed to be filled with Dextron III. We even talked about why the fill level was revised. Sure would be nice if they were to issue some sort of technical paper on the trans, and what the "issues" have been, along with what they say should be done as a fix.
    The guy said he gets a kick out of all the misinformation he reads online too. Some of which, I guess I'm now guilty of adding to since what I posted earlier from my friend was according to this guy, at least partially incorrect.
    As soon as I get a little more info, I'll post more here.
    I almost forgot, when I asked him about using GM Synchromesh fluid, he told me that it would be fine in these transmissions, but he didn't suggest it in my area of the country (PA) since it gets rather cold here in the winter. He said that although the fluid could help in some ways, it would be rather heavy in cold weather, and I probably wouldn't like it. I may still try it anyways. I'll take a heavy shift when first used cold over the grinding, clashing gear shifts I now have any day.
  6. Okay, here's the latest. Had the fluid changed today. Took out the Dextron and put in the GM Synchromesh fluid. Only drove it for maybe 20min. but so far, it seems to have made a big difference. Still not 100% but this may be as good as it's going to get. I've resigned myself to the fact that the transmission is simply a POS unit and there's nothing I can do about it.
    It just amazes me how many people are aware of the Mustang transmission being a POS. I mean virtually everyone I talk to that either knows transmissions, or Mustangs, or both, is aware the late 80's right thru '04 have crap transmissions! How can that be, and there's just no real absolute fix? :jaw: Should be embarrassing to Ford.
  7. Out of curiosity how much fluid did you put in? Also what is the ambient outside temp today where you live??
  8. It was an absolute fix for me. It hasn't ground going from 1st to 2nd since my dealer applied the TSB.

  9. Yesterday was in the upper 40's to low 50's. The amount installed was 3 liters(3.4qts.) which is what I was just told to use as the "proper" fill by a Tremac engineer.
    Not sure if I mentioned it before but I too, had the TSB performed back in early spring. The trans seemed perfect initially but within a couple days, started exhibiting the old grinding 1-2 and 2-3 shifts.
    Damn shame really. Love the car but hate the transmission. I could see me actually getting rid of the car due to the trans at some point. Really takes the fun out of driving it IMO.
  10. 3.0 L = 3.17 qt
  11. CRAP!!!!
    You're right. How the hell did I get 3.4?! Damn, now I have to pull some fluid out. Maybe that's why it's better but still not perfect. I'll get back to you on it as soon as I correct the fluid level.

  12. wait till the temp drops below 30 degrees. Thats really when these transmissions start to "shine" lol.

    Ive ordered a MGW shifter for mine and when I install that, im going to drain the royal purple I have in there now since the first time I had it changed it didnt drip for that long and the change was done cold. I imagine that there was still some residual Mercon ATF now mixed in with the RP. Since I had the TSB done it is much better, but still not perfect.

    Also there is abour 3.5L in there right now. When the MGW goes in I will be putting only 3.0L in. Hopefully dropping the fluid by 1/2 a liter and the MGW will make this tranny shift like it does once its got some heat to it.

    Ill report back once I get the shifter installed and the fluid change. This has got to be like my 5th fluid change. LOL
  13. I blew out 3rd gear sync in my car, it was from 3rd gear highway clutch drops only. Driver error, mostly first owner, I am the second. Threw old tranny in the garbage. Bought tranny from my buddyies Mach 1. He went to a TKO600.

    I put in 4 qaurts of Castrol SynTork. It is used in the Viper t-56 and some of the diesel manual trannys. About $75 a gallon. Still notchy shifting, but I think that is beacuse of bad clutch engagement. This was 8000 miles ago, and tranny runs fine and shifts exactly the same no matter the temp or how hard I run. Also I rev match on all down shifts. I never shock the syncs or clutch. At 420ftlbs at the wheels, its been going strong ever since. The tranny has 12k when I got it. The mach had an s-trim and was only bought out to race.
  14. my second gear is like a grandma that needs to go to a nursing home.... when its cold I have to hold the clutch in for nearly two seconds shifting into 2nd gear. I didn't know there was a TSB untill today and will contact FORD tomorrow to see if I can get it fixed...
    So far no tranny fluid has helped *changed it 3 times trying to fix* its gotten worse in the last year:notnice:
  15. Mine rattles in reverse, but only if if I'm backing up an incline (like everytime I leave my driveway).
  16. Hope you have the extended warranty... theres enough trouble getting this fixed UNDER warranty let alone out of it.
  17. How many quarts of ATF did you use? I am using slightly under 3 qt of Redline High-Temp ATF and it has fixed all of the weird shifter issues. My 3650 shifts like butter and I can use 2 fingers to move the shifter around (like properly built German cars).
  18. Whats the best way to fill the tranny? My 5 gear sounds like crap I might try changing to that Red Line ATF can you buy it at any auto place?

    I see people filling it through the shifter after pulling the fill plug off.

    Where is the fill plug located :shrug:
  19. I'll agree. I had an '87 Ranger Pick-Up and learned that trick('92-'98). Traded it in for a '98 new Ranger with Automatic tranny('98-'07). Traded that in for my current '02 GT, same thing-first to reverse! (braught back old memories :)) After starting release the clutch and reapply clutch, first to reverse-works everytime!