Oh boy,,only a couple days away from running

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  1. Spent yesterday hooking up this and that. Waiting on new H pipe. There is oil and water in the car. Put the upper/lower and TB on yesterday. Just have to finish up a little bit of wiring on the inside. Hoping to not have any major issues and be back on the road Monday!!!!




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  2. That's a right purty n' clean setup you got there. But I gotta ask ... why didn't you upgrade to a 3G alternator? (Unless the one you have there is a higher-output aftermarket piece?)
  3. It is a one wire alternator,,it came w/the car. Wish I could tell ya what the model/output is. With the stereo that is in the car you oughta see the voltmeter bounce around when the subs are kickin.

    Thnx for the compliments.
  4. Lookin real good man!!! Hey if you dont mind me asking, where did you get that alt bracket kit from? Im going to be running a power master 1 wire alt, and i hate the look of the stock bracket. did it come with the longer bolts as well?
  5. That kit is from Powermaster as well. Very pleased with it. Heads up tho:

    I am running a stock size alt. pulley, stock size water pump pulley and underdrive crank pully. Piece of twine to gauge what length belt I was gonna need said 37 1/2" Advanced Auto only had a 37 and a 39. I made the 37 fit w/no issues, just had to pull the alt all the way in (no threads showing on either end.

    If I had used the stock crank pulley with the other two I would have used the 37".
  6. Cool, thanks for the info. I have an underdrive crank pulley and a stock one, so i guess ill see what i can come up with. Do you remember about how much the kit ran? and did it come with all the needed bolts?
  7. Yeah, comes w/everything you need, spacers and all. Think it was like, $119-124 dollars.
  8. Great.. thanks alot!

    make sure you get a vid of this thing running for us!
  9. hey man, what are you gonna do to plug up the drivers side filler hole in the valvecover. i actually just bought a set of the same exact ones and was wondering what you were going to do.
  10. Yeah, that's one of the little things that hampered me. Im just gonna plug it and leave the breater in the pass. side. Just concerned about PCV situation right now, no biggy on that.
  11. Holy phenolic spacers batman! (I know, we already discussed it, just had to tease :D )
  12. what are you plugging it with
  13. His pecker........:)
    Not to thread jack......
    Looks real good Wade I just got my 351 up and running over the weekend. What a friggin beast. I don't know if it is because I haven't driven it in months or if it is just that much faster than it used to be but I almost peed my pants and didn't even romp on it. I can definitely feel a difference in the bottem end torque with the 351. Let me know how she runs after you get her going. I know that systemax kit will put a smile on your face.