Oh Boy...

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ryan Timiney, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Well guys, I pulled the trigger in the off season a little too fast. I ended up buying Longtubes, an o/r x pipe and Flowmaster 10 series. The winter air got to me and I bought the 10's without even listening to a few clips. Having buyers remorse now and unsure of what to buy now. I am keeping the longtubes, and o/r x pipe but the question is... What mufflers do I end up getting now? I am having stage 2 cams put in within the next month weather permitting in Michigan. I want to be able to have a loud idle and want the cams to sound really lumpy, but also be loud WOT. What mufflers should I get guys!?
  2. What dont you like about them?
  3. I heard some youtube clips of them and they sound awesome while at idle, but when you get on it it sounds too raspy for me :eek: Worried with the cams, longtubes, and o/r x pipe may be too much for 10's
  4. The long tubes should mellow the raspiness somewhat. They might not be as bad as you think.

    Is it too late to return the Flows?

    I'm liking my Borla Stingers. Also Magnaflow Magnapacks or their regular mufflers would sound good. All these should be more mellow than any Flowmaster but still roar in the top end.
  5. Yeah it's definitely too late to return them, I'll get them put on and hopefully they wont be too raspy for me... Fingers crossed it won't be as bad as I am expecting it to be!
  6. You could get a chambered muffler from Magnaflow if you are worried about the rasp, it can mellow out the sound but I feel the o/r x pipe will be your main culprit for the rasp. Maybe you could run a o/r h pipe instead?