Oh $H!7 Something popped (electrical) car died and smoked, won't crank now

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by criticman, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Keep us posted
  2. Will do. Not sure if I can get to it tonight...bad weather and I have to pick up my girlfriend from the Atlanta airport this evening.

    But yes, when I have new news, I'll post up.

    Thanks again to everyone for the help. Let's hope that this is the only issue.
  3. I hope you didn't hurt anything yanking on the ECU connector like that. It comes off real easy you just have to spin out the bolt in the center and it is captured in the connector so it pushes the whole thing out but it takes about 30 turns to do it.

  4. I turned and turned and turned it until the bolt ended up coming clear out of the harness all the way (as in I held it in one hand, the connector/harness in the other).

    So I don't know if the bolt got dislodged from a "stop" or something like that, but I too am hoping I didn't break something.
  5. The front side of the retaining bolt is supposed to have a C clip that secures the bolt in place. If it falls out and lays up agains the electrical contact pins, there is potential for disaster. I would recommend that you separate the EEC from its mating connector and look for the C clip.
  6. Well, when the bolt came out, so did a silver ring. Now, I had just assumed this was a washer, but I will look when I get home and see if it is a c-clip. I didn't even expect it to be there. In case it is just a washer, anyone come up with pointers on how to disconnect the harness from the EEC without using the bolt since it is out already? :shrug:

    So I know it is a 20GA fuse link I need to replace...but what is the best way to go about this?

    Since there is the ring terminal that immediately splits to the 20GA blue wire and the brown wire, can I just cut the blue wire out, tape/silicone over the end where is connects to the ring terminal, and then run a new ring terminal on the new 20GA fuse link (pretty sure another one will fit on the starter solenoid - but it may be cutting it pretty close)?

    I just want to make sure I go about this properly. :nice:
  7. If you have room on the stud then you should be fine with giving each wire its own ring. Limited room is probably the reason Ford joined them together.

    Edit: Also solder the ring onto the wire when you replace it.
  8. Cool.

    And good, a reason to pull out the soldering iron. Anyone know offhand what size ring terminal is needed? I'd love to hit up the store on the way home.
  9. The studs are 5/16" dia.
  10. Well crap.

    So, I went to Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Radio Shack, and Circuit City...no one has any 20 GA fusible links.
    EDIT: Most places had 14 & 16, Autozone had 18 too.

    So, any place I can order online or another place that may be local I should try?

    I called Ford...rang 20 times for both parts dept. and showroom sales...no one answered.
  11. Oh, and when I cut out the wire...about 2" of it was rubber/bendy. Sliced it open and nothing in it...just char marks...so it did its job and 2" of it burnt away HOPEFULLY instead of frying the EEC, fuel pump, etc...
  12. Do you have a NAPA nearby?

  13. That's what I was thinking too
  14. No NAPA in town. I think next closest city on way to Atlanta may have one though - only 25-35 min drive depending on where in the city it is. I'll check when I get off work.

    I called Ford as I was coming back into town this morning and the parts dept. did not have any 20 GA fusible link.

    So, we'll try NAPA tonight...
  15. A 20 amp inline fuse holder and 20 amp fuse from Radio Shack or the local auto parts store can be used in place of the fuseable link.

    See http://fordfuelinjection.com/?p=7 for some soldering & wiring tips that will keep you running strong.
  16. Oh thank you! I wondered if that would be okay.

    Damn, I didn't get notice this got posted so I missed out on taking care of this tonight. ARG!

    Oh well, tomorrow morning I will get the inline fuse holder and the 20amp fuse.

    So, if this were to say, fail, I can sue you, right? j/k, lol. Thanks for the help yet again!
  17. update please :) (if no update then please get to work immediately so that you can provide an update)
  18. Heh, I'm trying. Getting paid comes before spending money. Hoping to get that fuse setup around lunch time (EST).

    JRichker - what ga wire should I use? The one I'll be connecting to is pretty big, maybe 8 or 10 ga? I'll be trying this a little later, time permitting.
  19. If you get an in-line fuse, the correct wire size should be attached.........