Oh $H!7 Something popped (electrical) car died and smoked, won't crank now

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by criticman, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Indeed it was. For people's reference, I'll post pics of the parts in a moment.

    I'll also try to take pics of the install.
  2. IT RUNS!

    Details later, girlfriend is visiting so she comes first!
  3. --->Brown
    ------->18 GA Fuse Link
    ------------>Light Orange(?)
    ------->20 GA Fuse Link

    UM...I'm having problem with a 5.0 swap and I have a blue and brown grounded that resemble these...should they be on teh starter relay? -is there any other fuseable links this color going to a ground? ...I need confirmation before I move it from ground to the terminal
  4. Not in that area. Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you aren't certain, start a new thread and post a pic of the wires in question. Then we can know for certain.

    EDIT: To clarify, "not in that area" as in there is not a blue or brown wire grounded there. Also, not wanting to scare you away from this thread by suggesting you post up in a new thread, but my issue is resolved, so a new thread specific to your issue will likely get it solved quicker. Best of luck! I'll be on the look out for the new thread with pics of those wires and will post my thoughts once I see it.
  5. Back to the thread...

    So I had pics and then the camera decided to say "unformatted CF card" - something it didn't do until recently with the new Crucial memory card...but whatever.

    Used the inline fuse holder (nifty, has attached rubber cap) and a 20 amp fuse.

    I soldered it...heh, that was fun. I followed the advice of the link JRichker suggested...then the heat somehow caused the wires to untangle, then the heat went through the wires and melted the heat shrink tubing too soon.

    Long story short, it has a solid connection, but is taped over now since heat shrink is out of the question (I tried a cut piece, but it melted away from the wire since it was not enclosed around it). If someone has a good idea, I am happy to use it - maybe liquid tape or silicone?

    I got in, tried to crank it up...and BAM, it runs! :D

    Here is a crappy 10 second clip I took with my camera phone. You can mostly only hear the s/c (which my girlfriend says sounds like crickets in the video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okNPTj9pFmY

    I want to thank everyone again for all of their help. :SNSign:

    I took it for a 10 min ride (at girlfriend's suggestion :D ) and it is still doing what it did before this electrical mishap.

    So, done with this thread, back to this one: http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=625491
  6. Read an article on the electrical smoke theory today. Notice that evertime something electrical smokes it doesnt work? My newest million dollar idea is canned smoke to replace whats been lost. Also have a theory on light bulbs. They are actually dark suckers. Notice that when a tube goes out it has dark rings on the end ? This means it has reached full saturation and needs to be replaced.
    Seriously..good job, I only wish I had all the bugs out of my stang.
  7. there are like five fusible links best bet is just buy all new ones theyre like two or three bucks each good insurance either way eec relay sends power to the fuel pump relay (under drivers seat) but first goes to the inertia switch back of car under panel behind the drivers taillight....
  8. Something tells me he fixed the problem two years ago.:p
  9. just trying help not bash people...this site is for adults
  10. I wasnt trying to bash, thats what the ghey pink smiley was for.
  11. LOL. I got an e-mail notification of a reply to my post. Yes, it was fixed LONG time ago (probably says so higher up). I ended up getting an inline fuse holder of appropriate value, near the battery (I forget which it was, but it is listed in this thread or another).

    No longer own the car (for over a year) but man I want to get back into owning one again real soon...but have to buy a house first!
  12. wow. 2 year old thread. someone ws probably drunk lol
  13. or did a search and didn't notice the dates................