"Oh $&%* Handle's?"

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  1. Well i just wanted to see what you guys think, why in the **** does Ford NOT make any sort of "Oh crap handles" in our mustangs? :shrug:
    I took my gf for a ride the other night and she said something to me about it when i was rally-ing on a freeway on-ramp...
  2. so you can buy performance seats with 5-point harnesses????

    MUCH sexier than oh **** handles in a mustang..... :)
  3. +1000 :nice: :nice:
    Sorry man but I don't want handles in my stang!! :p
  4. Handles would look terrible.
  5. i always thought it was dumb too.. we should have one up abode the passangers head.. there isnt much room tho.. a 6' dude sitting over there would smack his head on it fo sho, specially with my ass at the wheel lol
  6. haha I hear this all the time... I tell my friends to roll down the window and grab the roofline above their window
  7. One thing I always wondered, was every Manual car or truck that I've been in (aside from my Mustang), has had the handles on both driver and passenger side. An automatic vehicle however, would only have the handle on the passenger side. Now, if I were pulling some crazy stunts that required the use of the handle in the first place, I'd think that if it were a manual, both hands would be occupied! Why in god's name would they not at least give a handle to the driver in an auto? So weird!

    And, I can completely understand a passenger's desire to want a handle, especially when they twist the seatbelt up so bad, it won't snug down.
  8. My WRX had handles on all 4 seats. And they got used quite often. That thing would corner. You know something was bad when the driver was holding on for dear life.
  9. If your passanger needs an oh ***** handle, that's how you know your driving the car right. LOL
  10. My girlfriend and Mom complain about this alot lol. There isn't even anything to hold onto on the door lol. It's like those roller coasters without a restraint but that little bar.
  11. Big Racing Seat = No Need for Handles
  12. I think they put them in the new Camarooo so they can say "OOOOOOH SH&T" I just got beat by a Mustang :rlaugh:
  13. My G/F and a female friend both complain about that all the time ;)

    I wouldn't mind one of those fold down ones on the passenger side.
  14. dont need them in my car... its slow.

    i get the ole **** if i come off the clutch wrong causing them to jerk forward in there seat lol
  15. Also, duct tape works really well :shrug:
  16. It'd just be one more thing to get threads about.

    "How do I remove this effing handle?"
  17. if someone complains about not having a handle to hold on to...tell 'em to hold on to the shoulder belt

    (or maybe slow down when your mom's in the car :shrug: )
  18. Mustangs + Handles=:notnice: