Oh it feels good to drive a classic again!!!

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  1. Well, i drove a classic for 2 years in highschool, but was in an accident and lost my precious red '67 coupe. It was stock, original down to the paint, and wonderful...

    After about 1.5 years of fixing up the new '65 fastback, its finally in streetable condition. I just need to do some little stuff like putting in some interior pieces.

    And for those of you who remember, ive been having some problems with the engine. But they finally got worked out...

    So today, i went to pick up some pizza in the car, and even though it was only a 20 min total drive, it was the longest ive ever driven the car. And it was blissful. The car sounds strong, and its loud. It feels much stiffer than the old '67, and the 4 spd is fun.

    I got a TON of stares from the local kids and even the adults. At papa johns, a kid was staring at it.


    Feels good to be back in the club again! Nothing like driving american muscle!
  2. Ooooooo, I know what you mean. I can't wait for the weekends!
  3. That happens to me every spring when I did the 'Vert out of the garage after being stored for the winter. That first warm day. dropping the top, just driving around, makes it fun all over again!
  4. That sort of sentiment never meant as much to me as it does right now. I don't think my car has ever been in such a state of disassembly as it is now, and I miss it terribly. I know it'll be that much sweeter after the paint job is done, but I've done a good job of keeping my car drivable as much as possible to keep the juices flowing so to speak. Now, ain't nothin flowing but dust from sanding. :(
  5. Glad you're enjoying it! Up here in New England, we can't even find our Classics, let alone drive them.

  6. HUH?
  7. snow, i think
  8. Just took out Chepie for a ride - Damn did it feel good!

    Just re-jetted the carb to 62's on the primary, now that I found and fixed my vacuum leak. I also had a strong bite on the car, so I had to make sure it runs!


    It's only 16 degrees out, but I hooked uyp the battery and twisted the key.....Spinning starter!! Due to the deep freeze, the sliding bendix spring & gear had stuck bacK!!! A few spins, and it finally slid. Then I had to get gas back in the carb! She finally sputtered back to life, rather unhappily! After 20 minutes, she setled down, and I took it hout for a spin.

    Gadzooks! Ran fantastically!! Power to spare, spinning the tires from a standstill, lots of vacuum on the guage, pulled through all gears, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! V-8 grunt!! :banana: :spot: :banana:
    Since I drive a 4 cyl Toyota PU every day, it felt real good to drive the stang again!

    Finished the run, back in the garage, as they are predicting anywhere from 4-12" of snow. Back to sleep until Spring! :(

    To answer Blue66, up here in the NorthEast, every Winter, from November until March, we don't drive our classics, snow, salt, COLD!!!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I havent driven my '73 for about 3 months now (engine issues). I cant wait to get my car back this week and with a a rebuilt engine with new heads, intake, cam, carb. Man friends are going to be so jealous. Cant wait to get passed the break in period.
  10. Shoot! I guess I can take the prize on this subject so far. I drove nothing but '67 stangs from 1980 until 1992 when I parked my ~225fwhp ragtop for the last time. I am hopefull to have her on the road this calendar year after...12 YEARS of driving only new cars. I expect the ~420fwhp to be a bit of a suprise even though my daily driver is a '97 DOHC Cobra.
  11. :bs: No way man! I think i got the cake on this one... I first got my stang when I was 15 and started working on it the second I got her off the trailer at my shop. For two years I put every waking hour into that car just to get her in driving condition 1 week before I graduated high school. Wow, the feeling that I experienced when I pulled into my parkinlot and everyone that was in hearing distance of my exhaust (just about everyone that had just went inside the school that morning) came running out to see who's car was making so much noise! :shrug: Well, I drove that car everywhere that summer all the way through october when the weather started getting to harsh for her and then finally the 33 year old engine quit on me. That was back in Nov. '02! :bang: I still don't have her back out on the road, but I am determined to get her going by this summer, if not sooner! :nice:

    Oh, and one more thing...? What is with the 'when I parked my ~225fwhp ragtop' and the 'I expect the ~420fwhp to be' I don't get the 'fwhp' on a mustang?? is this possible? :shrug: I always thought that fw = ww as in wrong wheel! :rlaugh:
  12. fly wheel hp ;)

    I'm finally getting around to getting my 65 running well again. Its gonna be a great feeling, just as you all are having...
  13. Boy how I miss that. I really need to get that T-5 installed and the rear end put back together. I hate having no free time.

  14. OK! :nice: Got it now... just a little confizzled :shrug: at first thats all...
    Thanks man. :banana:
  15. Yeah, that is a great feeling. Amazing how even a short drive can pick up the spirits. I am in for the long winter hybernation as well, and it is already killing me. This is a good time though to remove trim pieces and things that need refinishing and work on them in the basement. I don't think I'd let the car sit long enough to get it done otherwise.

    Every response I give is seasonal now. Example, wife says "let's get a pizza tonite." Winter answer "OK, call 'em up for delivery" Summer answer "OK, I'll go get it".
    Wife: "honey I ran out of cigarettes!" Winter answer "Have some of mine" Summer "coming right up dear, back in a few."

    She can even send me out for tampons in the summer for all I care, any exscuse for a cruise but with out the car, she can rip up my old t-shirts if she has too or grab a cork from an old wine bottle. :p
  16. ROFLMFAO! :lol: :rlaugh: :p :rlaugh: :lol: :owned: :banana:
  17. I am dying to get my 70 back together and drive it again. Just so much different than the new cars.