oh man guys, i wish i lived in colorado...

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  1. i know they will be gettin a few emails from me.
  2. I thought this photo from their website was a bit saddening:
  3. Especially if your looking for sunroof parts from one of those poor vehicles on the bottom :D

    It always amazes me how many cars I see in salvage yards with panels that were perfectly fine until the yard stacked the cars on top of each other and destroyed them or with interiors that were obviously in good condition until someone pulled the windshield out and just left the rest of the car to rot.
  4. You guys realize that those type of yards make more crushing and selling cores to rebuilders than they do selling little pieces, right?

    Most high volume, high profit yards won't touch anything over 10 years old. There's just no money in old car salvage, unless you have the means to store them and sell 'em as builders.
  5. Generally, I agree, but this yard advertizes itself as having a stash of old mustangs for parts. Then they show you a pic of all the cars piled on top of each other. Doesn't make much sense to me.
  6. Called them I'll see how many parts they REALLY have...
  7. People don't generally go to junkyards to buy whole cars. The only thing that gets damaged from the stacking is the roof. The rest of the car is fine, so nothing is really lost in the stacking other than some hurt enthusiast feelings :).