Oh No Another Muffler Thread!!

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  1. Yep another one! Looking for new mufflers for my 2002 AT GT(stock ). I have listened to zillions of youtube and forums sound clips, read countless articles some even with db's at different speeds etc but little on the actual amount of drone of different mufflers. The most they say is it low or high. Just wondering if OP have any actual experiences with drone inside vs how loud outside with various mufflers.
  2. I have Thrush 2-Chambers with dumps on my ‘94. At part throttle around 1,500RPM’s the Drone is deafening.
    Hoping tailpipes will remedy the drone some lol.
  3. All this hubbub about exhaust sounds, I don't even know what brand mufflers I have on my stang, they sound pretty good, no drone, not loud, being a gt it has the slight down turn at the bumper, so it may sound a little different with the straight lx tail pipes. And you'll get a different note between cats and no cats, x verses h pipe and then there is a mac 'flow chamber', which looks kinda like a box, then you have the famous 'dumps', I personally hate dumped exhaust. Headers will also change the exhaust 'tone' shorties verses long tubes.
    I drove a camaro once that had a small block, long tubes, 3" pipes straight back to 2 chamber flowmasters then 2 1/2" tailpipes that exited the stock location, it sounded angry at an idle and loud at wot. Cruzing you could talk without yelling. Its your call, don't over think it.
  4. I had an offroad x pipe / stock manifolds / and flowmasters welded in. Thought it was cool for about a month, then when I just wanted to go here and there like a normal person, the car was moaning in your ear the whole time. Radio had to be all the way up and conversations with passengers was difficult. Terrible drone.

    Same car had Bassani Mid length headers, offroad X pipe and Borla Stingers. The headers gave a lower tone but those Stingers liked to yell. Drone was not as bad at lower rpm cruising.

    My Mach 1 has longtubes, currently a catted x pipe (I have the offroad pipe for it too), through Magnapacks. I like it. Its not so sedate as regular magnaflows. Its mumbles pretty low until you get the rpms over 2500, occasionally bumbling on downshifts and release of the accelerator, but goose it and it goes bonkers. Moderate drone but can still talk to a passenger at only a slightly louder than normal voice.
  5. With tailpipes?
  6. I've got a Bassani cat-back on my '03 GT. I love the sound of it...nice, throaty, how a V8 should sound. 10/10, would buy again.
  7. Just getting rid of stock mufflers, rest of system intact. Want my cake and eat it too, maximum outside car noise with minimum inside car drone.
    Anybody use or know anyone that has the vari-tune BBK Muffler?

    Not in my budget, very nice system.
  8. Very nice indeed, but yes, rather pricey. I bought mine 12 years ago and they were pricey then...I got a decent deal through a group purchase. Now, I'm astounded what they are going for. Ouch.
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  9. My vote for mufflers alone with minimal interior noise and some decent exterior sound would be magnaflow chambered style mufflers or i might consider flowmaster as long as you keep the stock mid pipe and manifolds.

    Any other change with the flows and you're in drone city. They're reasonable on a stock set up.
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  10. Well it looks like my choice just got narrowed down. After a long time looking at different mufflers I found several articles showing the exhaust flow of the muffler vs open pipe and the Flowmasters were some of the worst(why do they call then Flowmasters then?). I should have caught that myself after looking at the construction, not picking on Flowmasters as all chambered mufflers have significantly less flow than the straight thru design. Magnaflow or Dynaflow(not chambered ones) looks like now.