OH NO! Say it's NOT SO!......Has anyone seen the Gingerbreadman..???

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by 65stanger, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Or could this be what happened.....? :eek:


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  2. Ya know, it has been a while.....

    Maybe he got baked in one of his famous flaming dash fires?:rlaugh:
  3. Hey baking them as we speak...it is christmas....

    Mother of god....He's working on the stang...WHILE eating the gingerbread man cookies...
  4. That was a great thread :nice:

    I seemeingly remember a hammer to thumb story as well...:lol:
  5. He randomly "appears" over on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum (www.-ford-truck.com). So did the Hungry(Trunk)Monkey; but then he slipped off the radar as well.

    Oh, no! Two of StangNet's most prolific scofflaws; "going underground"! :eek:
    Deep dark plans? Secret meetings in some super-secret secure corner of the Eastern Washington desert?
    What schemes are they dreaming? What dreams are they scheming? :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  6. same thing they do everyday, they're going to try to take over the world
  7. Are you saying that Hungrymonkey and the Gingerbreadman are IN FACT............***GASP***..............

    PINKY and the BRAIN...??? :eek::eek:
  8. And which one is Pinky??????
  9. Which one is Brain?

    I still like that episode when they were going to take over the world as Country music singers. :rlaugh:
  10. yes i think they are, actually. they realized their plot to rule the world was not working on us so they moved on.

    i wish they'd show back up, the talk section has been pretty dry without them around. not nearly boring to say the least, but kinda dry. maybe it's the lack of DOT 3 and liquid CO2 from the fire extinguishers, i don't know.
  11. Maybe HM hasn't worn of the POR 15 yet....
  12. Would it help if I set my tighty-whities ablaze?:shrug:

  13. but without GBM who'd put the fire out? another old timer thats been MIA is the sheeple and black helicopter dude, GP001
  14. GBM...? Put fires OUT..??? Mr. Spontaneously Combustable...????? :rlaugh:
  15. That would be a bit of a drive for Gingerbreadman, he's actually about four hours north east of me in the (not so) happening city of Kamloops, B.C.

    Last I recall he was looking into taking a long-hour, rotating shift job at one of the mills, wasn't he?

  16. yeah but for that reason he seemed to always carry a fire extinguisher as someone here convinced him to do. or maybe...my mind...can't..think....uhh
  17. :doh: :bang: :nonono:
  18. It's absolutely remarkable how FEW things I can think of that the described action might actually HELP....

    (Okay, so I haven't posted in here in like 2 years. Anybody remember me?)
  19. Who the heck are you? :shrug:

    :lol: :jester: :SNSign: