OH NO! Say it's NOT SO!......Has anyone seen the Gingerbreadman..???

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  1. [BBFCM Singing] "Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost ripping off your nose................." [/BBFCM Singing]
  2. :shrug: ....I wonder what happened to the Football?

    :nono: ...Don't tell me what the Monkeys did to it. :rolleyes:
  3. [StDr singing] "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. Batmobile... lost a wheel and the Joker got awayyy-hey" [/StDr singing]
  4. and the chorus, "Sliding through the snow, in a rusty Chevrolet..."
  5. ".....O'er fields we go, 'cause the steering's given way........."
  6. "... the quadrajet did flood, the 10 bolt's in the mud, and the cops are on the way..."
  7. Tink is getting offended that you guys are singing about her truck... lol

    edit: smack in the back of the head as she reads over my shoulder
  8. I don't remember the last time we saw the monkey, but i know its been a while
  9. You should have seen that coming :nonono:
    Besides, the Tink-mobile isn't rusty and hasn't -to my knowledge- even had a Quadra-flood rolling around in the bed, let alone near the engine bay. And the steering is pretty tight (or it would be if she took out those dented-up, shelled and totally empty tubes and replaced them with real shocks) :nonono:
  10. the GBM is alive and well and playing in the snow. I hear from him on a regular basis. And while I'm here; "Merry Christmas" incase I miss it:D
  11. Thanks Santa!!!:nice:

    p.s....:I still didn't get my Rally-Pac, perhaps one of your elves absconded with it?:shrug:
  12. The monekys, sheeple, and black helicopters are fine. Even the football is doing well.:p Been spending too much time working and not enough playing :(

  13. hey GP good to hear from you. how's everything going? BTW Merry Christmas
  14. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

    Things have been good. I have been working like a mad man so I haven't had a whole lot of time to play. This has been the first 4 day stretch I have gone without working in nearly 2 years (and it feels gooooooood)

  15. man that bites. that makes for a long year (or 2), been there done that won't do it again.
  16. I am still around. I just have not broken (or actually done anything), to either of my mustangs. So there has not been a need to post as much.

    Life has kind of taken some wierd twists in the last couple of years, I still own 2 of my 3 mustangs, and both are still in pieces. I am actually entertained the thought of putting my 67 back together. It just needs my time, considering I have all the parts.

    Btw, my wife is due with twins in march, I finally got out of school and I am working again (big reason I have no time). I usually work the graveyard shift, so sleeping eats up most of my days.

    Thats what is new with me. I did buy a 66 F100, and still have my cursed 86 F150 that I need to send to the scrap yard.

    As for chemical mishaps, I still have not stopped doing those. Now its just drugs at work. Lasix in my eyes, fentanyl on my arms (causes a rash), clean needle stick of solumedrol (took forever to heal).

    I should probably get off my lazy ass and go work on my car. I might do that tommorow.
  17. I stopped going to that site after a moderator gave me a rash of poo about posting more than one picture of my truck in a thread. The PM's he sent me left a sour taste.

    That and the really crappy tech advice that was given out in the mid 80s forum. It was really bad. One person would post something wrong, then 15 people would agree.

    Now I go to www.fordtruk.com They spell as good as I do. :D
  18. did they give you the fentanyl patches? i had those for a while too and they also gave me a rash, itched like hell too.
  19. Yeah, I got much the same from f150online.com... There's some pretty good info over there - almost 15% as good as they think they are! FTE doesn't cover much on the newer rigs like my '02. Probably just very quietly lurk over at f150online 'til I get the Lariat "finished".
  20. I am the patch giver. I am not allowed to give them to myself though :D