OH NO! Say it's NOT SO!......Has anyone seen the Gingerbreadman..???

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  1. But that's where the fun is!

    I have some (very vague) memories of when I was on 125mcg/hr fentanyl patch(es) ('00 - '02), talk about being stoned!:crazy:

  2. really? they didn't do jack for me except the aforememtioned rash on my back.
  3. Oh don't get me wrong......I was still in a lot of pain, I was just soo buzzed I really didn't mind it too much!

  4. i didn't even get the buzz....dammit, i feel ripped off now...LOL
  5. my mother in law cut hers in half thinking it would not give as big of a dose. She was pretty much a zombie for the day. She later realized that when she cut the patch, more medicine oozed out of it.

  6. i'm just glad they ttok me off the things. the rash would make hurt worse than i was already hurting and it would take weeks to heal. in fact i still have some scarring on my back from the rashes i would get from those things. it took quite a while before they started doing that though, several weeks really. at first they didn't affect me like that, i might be itchy for a couple days after taking the patch off. i guess what happened was that i used them long enough that there wasn't really a spot on my back that i could stick the patches where they hadn't been within the last couple weeks and i think that was waht lead to me getting the rashes. just not enough time to heal up between rounds i guess. pretty much all of the morphine based drugs they've had me on have caused some kind of reaction though, so i guess maybe i'm just allergic to morphine or something. itching has always been the biggest reaction. they have me on methadone now and that doesn't seem to have the same side effects it doesn't work all that great though so i'm still taking my hydrocodone as well.