Oh, the little things....

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  1. It's amazing how much of a difference the littlest repairs can make. In the last couple of weeks I have fixed the gangsta lean in the drivers seat (free), put new bushings on the door strikers ($3), repaired the bushings in my right rear quarter window ($8), and tightened up some rattling stuff in the passenger door. Just fixing the annoying stuff has made driving so much more enjoyable lately.

    How about it, what have been some of the simplest repairs, fixes, upgrades you've done to make your ride more enjoyable?
  2. Maybe not simplest, but the 3G alternator makes driving more enjoyable knowing the volts won't dip so low.
  3. Nothing like a little piece of mind. It's nice to just turn the key and know that everything works,,,, for now.
  4. On my car, if it's simple, then it doesn't fix the original problem....sigh.
  5. fixing the door hinges is probably the single biggest thing that gave me the best bang for the buck
  6. Fess40 how did u fix that gansta lean in ur seats? mine r doin the same thing.