Fox Oh Those Little Details!

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  1. I know my engine and compartment are far from stock but for some crazy reason I like to keep some element of the OEM stock look going in there somewhere.
    I figure just because I have Edelbrock heads a Holley Systemax intake that doesn't mean I need to advertise that fact under the hood.
    So, this past weekend an idea popped into my head. I decided to modify my old stock intake plenum plate to fit on my Systemax intake.
    I put the finishing touches on it today and glued it down. It blends real nice with the raised ribs on top of the intake.
    Whatcha think?
    My says I'm OCD. Me? NAAAH!
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  2. Looks great, really like it.
  3. Very nice.
  4. Do you have an ebay store yet....very nice
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  5. That is cool.
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. That looks way better, never liked that wording on the upper intake. Big reason I like my Cobra too.
  8. very, very, nice indeed.
  9. ingenious!!! What kind of glue did you use?
  10. Damn I can't believe this hadn't been done before. Looks great man, good thinking
  11. its a hit!
  12. Thanks again guys! I used two part 5 minute epoxy to attach it to the intake. Its not going anywhere.
    Someone above said "I can't believe this hadn't been done before?
    Well it has:
    Here's a pic of my ex-SSC. I bought a Saleen/Vortech intake for it after I supercharged it. I wanted to keep the SSC theme alive so I decided to modify that stock plenum plate to fit the Vortech intake.
    Came out good I thought.
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  13. Has my approval.
  14. :jaw:
  15. Another little detail that "used" to bother me. Anyone other fox vert owners dislike the ugly unfinished underside of their trunklid?
    I made a remedy;)
  16. That looks amazing; so does the trunk lid liner. Nothing better than looking factory. :nice:
  17. your giving away all your secrets,another great idea!.....
  18. I'd buy one of those if you are selling them, Your work is impeccable.