Oh yea? Well post your coupes and lx hatches here!!!

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  1. she wasnt the prettiest but she was fun as hell
  2. oops that was the red 86 gt from the pic above.. but this was after I put the 03-04 cobra replicas and the full exhaust with bbk equal lengths. here is the coupe YouTube - 1987 mustang coupe
  3. Brown 86 that is one cold ass stang! i love the brown. ive been thinking of painting my 87 a nice dark brown with gold flake.
  4. Here's my 92 notch...just picked it up a few weeks ago.


  5. I have to represent for LX. I'm sorry the pics are a couple years old and was taken by my old camera that is not as good. I'll get them updated come spring.

    The car hasn't changed though.....

    Diggin all the pics. I dunno what it is, but I am getting the itch to build a 4-eyed FOX next. :shrug:


  6. Thank you!
  7. Thanks! I've always loved that color too! According to available statistics, my car is one of 24 painted (8Y) "Dark Clove Brown Metallic".

  8. Hey...sorry I just saw your question. If you were asking me, they're HR Race springs. :nice:
  9. What brand are these rims?

    Definitely a lot of nice and well kept Stangs in here! :nice: Might need to convert my GT to LX now that all the skirts are fading.

    Does any one know what type of rims these are? They look like 4 lugs too.

  10. The wheels are ROH Snypers.
  11. Cool, thx. From that angle they didn't look like Snypers.
  12. Here is my baby, ugly, but I love it!

  13. my 92 351w fox



  14. Here's what she looked like when I brought her home. Note the pillow on the seat.
  15. Here's my Lamborghini orange pearl Lx when I first got it back from paint ( no motor or windshield in those pics) I have since changed the smoked headlights to diamond ultra clears looks A LOT cleaner with the ultra clears.

    First picture is when the sun is down next are when sunlight is directly on it to show how much the color changes!!
  16. common vin put it back together already....