Oh yea? Well post your coupes and lx hatches here!!!

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  1. What's up Jeff, I've been trying man lol. I finally got the blower 2 weeks ago and just been busy smoothing all the holes in the engine bay and fitting in the SN95 dash and door panels. Stop by the garage one day dude I'm always there.
  2. ill pm you my number , ill stop one night after work when your around..
  3. shawn, did you ever get the rusty spots taken care of?
  4. Here's mine, fresh out of paint. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any good pics because of Winter being upon us. I'll get some good ones if/when it warms up and the streets stay clean!

    Please don't mind the ECU being in the floorboard...had it out for dyno tuning.

    It was just a re-paint back to the factory Bimini Blue, shaved the engine bay a little, cleaned it up, and bolted on some goodies to the engine.

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