OH YES, Its alive!! First drive with 3000 Stall!!!

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  1. heres a vid of my bolt-on car with 3000stall edge converter and 110 shot of gas.http://media.putfile.com/rsw007-1174 oh its a 1.50 60ft
  2. can you say SMOKED??!!! the srt-4 looked silly, great vid man. :rlaugh:
  3. Sweet, I can hardly wait to get my trans pulled and put my 3000 rpm converter in and my A+ servo. The car went 14.00s NA and 13.15 with a 50 shot. I can only imagine what it will do with the converter. I think that I might get asked to leave the track and come back with a roll bar.:nice:
  4. the srt later went 11.78@121 not bad for 4cyl.
  5. rsw007, i see you live in lexington. I grew up out in gilbert, then lived in lexington for a few years. Where is that track at? Nice vid.
  6. jackson,sc near aiken
  7. Guy's if you don't mind, I'll add this to the "first mod" list for the AOD cars out there.
  8. im running a TCI2800RPM LOCK-up style converter, yeah, there is a HUGE diffrence in the cars performance (feels like 50HP increase) now, my car foot brakes up to 2300RPM on my Street tires..but, if you dont think you can notice a high stall converter, you never rode with a car that had one, its in my daily driver but of all things i get BETTER gas mileage (21.5MPG Average all around) with it in and my cam

    i installed mine on a lift, and with alittle top starter bolt issues:mad:(1hr there) we had it out and in, in about 3 hrs, tranny cooler is a must though, when you pull your converter out without a towl or gloves you will see why, lol-

  9. Running the tranny lines thru the radiator actually cools the fluid even more. A transmission can hot as 250 degrees under normal driving, running the lines thru the radiator first. Even if the engine coolant is at 190 to 200 it is still cooling the trans fluid, then run your lines to the trans cooler for more cooling before running it back to the trans. This will give you the most cooling for your trans, There is different size coolers, make sure to match up the one for your application.:SNSign:
  10. well, why do you want to cool the tranny with 225* fluid in the radiator, other than just running it straight up to the cooler that has cold air cooling it--but i was going to do it, but its kinda pointless to have hot fluid cooled off with hot fluid..just my oppinion-

  11. thats how mine is ran. "rad. then cooler"
  12. 2DV8 is right. The radiator that cools the motor is about 30 or 40 degress colder than the transmission fluid (worst case here.) Running the lines into the transmission section of the radiator cools off the trans fluid. At the same time, it warms up the coolant just a bit. But that is why there is a fan for the radiator.

    Both ways of thinking will work. Both methods have been tried and used in racing for years. I have my extra cooler mounted off to the side of the radiator so I don't heat up the radaitor with my setup.

    But the question is: Which of the two fittings on the radiator end cap is for the fluid return? I don't know... I know that you can undo the line to find out, but who wants to deal with that mess?