OIL: 6 or 7 quarts ?????

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  1. I know what the owners manual says and I had a GT that took 6 quarts, but today when I changed my oil it took 7 quarts to fill. Am I going crazy?
  2. No, you're NOT crazy... be careful though because it takes a LONG TIME for the oil to drain down through the drivers head and into the oil pan. If you pour 6 Qts of oil in there and then wait 5 minutes, it'll look like you need another .5 - 1 Qt! These 4v heads seem to have a lot of nooks and crannys and they hold the oil for a long time. Takes a while for it all to drain back down to the pan. Try not to overfill it because if you do you'll end up pushing oil through the breather on the passenger side valve cover and into the intake! Mine takes about 6.5 Qts to reach the full mark on the dipstick.

  3. Ford's dipsticks in the 4.6's don't strike me as real accurate.

    Alldata says the supercharged 2003 4.6 oil capacity is 6qts with filter, same as my '97.
  4. My '01 has always taken 7 quarts. I've measured it at different times, cold/warm/wait 15 minuts, etc., and it's always at the full line.
  5. yeah

    Me too. Takes 6 1/2 to 7 ...more than the manual says

    What happens if it is overfilled?
  6. Um, you can destroy your engine if you overfill... Don't put any more than 6 quarts in your motor...
  7. duhhh


    I have done it myself and have since brought to several oil change places and just let someone else do it and they all go over 6. I can't imagine its going to destroy the engine.. 9000 "racing miles with 14psi" and so far so good

    I dont think 1/2 a quart over is going to kill the engine anyway...

    I was just wondering if oil would bubble out of the engine or something or if the car would tend to stall (could have something to do with some peoples stalling issues?)

    Does the oil gauge read higher if too much oil is put in?
  8. Hey, do what you want, but these motors have very little tolerance for overfilling... Why tempt fate? It's a bad idea to put more oil in a motor than what the people who designed and built the thing says is right.
  9. It could be just a coincidence, but some '03 owners have reported more oil residue in the intake track (throttle body & blower) than others. Many people attribute this to a slight overfill on the oil. Crankcase pressure escaping through the breather on the passenger side valve cover allows oil vapor to enter the intake track. This seems to be even more prevalent with pullied cars.

    As far as blindly putting just 6 Qts in and then COMPLETELY disregarding what the dipstick shows... I don't know. I know that 6 Qts of oil in my car will just barely wet the very tip of the dipstick. That just isn't good enough for me I guess.

  10. I always put 6.5 qts in mine, 6 qts barely shows up on my dipstick. Better safe than sorry the way I see it.
  11. If the oil level reaches the crankshaft, it can slow the crank down, losing HP, & the crank can aerate the oil, whipping it up like an egg beater. I don't know how realistic either concern is in everyday use, though. I put six quarts in & don't think about it again for 3,000 miles.
  12. Whassup guys...?
    Didnt i read here somewhere in here that @ 6 quarts you still have 1 inch free and clear until the oil is @ crank level? I know I read it somewhere, I think it stated that you could run as much as 7.5 quarts...
    Now I am not quoting the gospel here, just asking if anyone knew...
    BTW, did you know that the pistons on a lightning sit 180 in the hole?

  13. Huh?

  14. info

    I talked to a ford tech I know...Works in MI on the tech lines now..

    and he says that you really shouldnt fill it up to max.. Somewhere in the middle of the dip stick usually what the manual calls for is good...

    So to those I was arging with....you were right! :flag:
  15. A ford lightning's pistong are 180 thousandths deep in the cylinder @ top dead center.
    Just a little bit of trivia.
    Longer rod anyone?
    Little more stroke anyone?
  16. And what does any of that have to do with the oil capacity on a 4.6 Liter DOHC Supercharged Cobra motor?

  17. 6qts with a new filter is all you need. Ford in there wisdom didn't remake the dipstick when they went from the 5qt oil pan to the 6 qt oilpan back in 01 when they were changing everything. I wouldn't overfill it.
  18. ok another dumb question. If you only put in 6 qts how will you ever really know when you need oil? :shrug:
  19. Not a thing, like I said, just abit of trivia.
    I find out alot of info on postings that are not related to the orig. thread, so I figured that I would throw some in when I left a post now and then..
    Now when someone asks you if you knew, you can say yes can't you..
  20. Can you show me some proof on this. I find it hard to believe they would just ignor an oversight like this. I wonder if the MT equipped Mach I uses the same oil pan?