OIL: 6 or 7 quarts ?????

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  3. Engine - Oil Level Indicator Markings

    Article No.



    2002 ESCORT

    2002-2003 LS, TOWN CAR, NAVIGATOR
    2003 AVIATOR

    2002 VILLAGER
    2002-2003 MOUNTAINEER

    Reports from the field indicate incorrect or low engine oil levels are being found at Pre-Delivery Inspection on new vehicles received in dealer inventory. In most cases, the level is being misinterpreted because the fluid fill mark on the stick is not touching the top hash mark at the upper limit (or MAX mark), or is partway down the crosshatch area.

    Ford is in the process of standardizing the markings across all vehicle lines. Current markings shown will be upgraded to a refined marking, shown in Figure 1. Both markings will be used in production over the next few years. Oil levels will still be recorded in the crosshatched area of the blade, between the upper and lower limit holes. Vehicles shipped with engine oil levels falling within this area are acceptable and do not require topping off. Oil fill quantities are precisely measured at the plants and account for slight variations that may occur in oil pan volumes, indicator length, and pressed-in locations of the indicator tube into the block. For customer use, the markings continue to serve as a guide to refilling the engine to the correct initial fill volume with filter or, to top off the engine when it is determined the level is below the lower hole.


    Ensure the vehicle is sitting on level ground. Set the park brake and ensure the transmission selector lever is in PARK position, or in FIRST gear on manuals. The engine must be OFF.

    The best time for determining oil level is before the engine is started and the oil has had sufficient drainback time to the sump. If the engine has been running, allow it to sit for a few minutes turned off. An oil drainback period is required before taking an initial reading.

    If the level falls below the lower hole, fill with one quart of oil. If one quart is insufficient to raise the level above the mark, add oil until it records within the crosshatch area. Use caution during this procedure as some time is needed for oil to drain down through the drainback passages in the cylinder head, to the oil pan. Adding oil a quart at a time repeatedly without sufficient drainback may overfill the sump.

    If the oil level falls between the upper and lower hole do not add more oil. Adding an extra quart could cause overfilling and may result in aeration (foaming) causing eventual damage to vital bearing surfaces and moving parts inside. Overfilling will require some oil to be drained out until the indicator shows the level between the upper and lower holes of the blade. DO NOT expect the engine to 'consume" the extra oil back down to the upper oil till level hole, or consider it as extra lubrication protection for the engine.

    OASIS CODES: 401000, 490000, 499000


    oil capacity for 2003 cobra: Capacity Specifications

    Oil capacity 6 ±0.25 quart

    That's 6 quarts plus or minus 1/4 quart.

    6 quarts is all I do!
    Too much oil can be churned up by the crank and this is BAD!
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  5. oil

    I started on the royal purple 5w30 regimen. That stuffs purple and funky.....
    reminds me of the funky green Kendall oils.

    I have a local friend who sells it to me for $5.10 a bottle =o)

    Anyways....I did this because Amsoil flat out told me their 5w20 and 5w30 is a mineral base with synthetic additives, but their 10w30 is 100% synthetic.
    In other words, the 5w20 and 5w30's viscosity is compromised through use, but the 10w30 is not.
    I'd prefer to stay with a 5w20 or 5w30 with a newer car with a tight engine.

    I'm not sure what the blend is in royal purple, but people sure to rave about it.
    If I spin a rod bearing I'll be at your door with Guido.
  6. I did 6 Qts last time and mine is right between min and max.
  7. I checked with 3 dealers in the St. Louis area and this is what they
    Dealer #1 Suntrup Ford had no idea what I was talking about but
    did check for TSB's and said there were none.

    Dealer #2 Sunset Ford (Where I bought my Cobra) said that as
    long as the oil reads in the area between min & max it is ok, the
    service advisor did ask the other service advisors if they had ever
    heard of this problem or any TSB's and they said no.

    Dealer #3 Valley Ford The service advisor said that 6 qt's
    will not bring the level to full so they add whatever it takes to
    make the dipstick read full and that it will not create any problems.
    he also said he had a Cobra 03 or 04 I don't remember which one
    he said.

    I also asked a guy at work that races SCCA and he said to arreate
    the oil you would have to run the engine at long periods at high
    rpm's 4000 and up, short bursts or drag racing would not do this.
    Hope this info helps as I too just changed my oil and put in 6.5
    quarts. Barry
  8. I'm sticking with 6. The engine was designed and tested for 6 qts. Putting in 1/2qt so the dipstick (which reads .5 qt low to begin with) reads right makes no sense to me.
  9. Way to be different ;). I'm anal retentive about the car and was worried about more spun rod bearings. It is definitely possible low oil (6qrts low) had nothing to do with why my bearings got screwed.

  10. SHM

    SHM's new book says our motor takes 6.75 quarts w/ filter on
  11. ...

    I added only 6 quarts at my last change and it just barely showed up on the stick. 6 1/2 put me in the center (and yes I ran the engine longer than usual before I checked it a second time.. Oil change places were putting in 7+ which puts it right at the Max....
  12. Many of you have the right idea.

    I called Ford SVT and was told 6 quarts with oil filter change. As bogus as it is, and as we've learned, an oil level in the middle of the dipstick is normal, SVT said.

    He also said +- 1/8-1/4 quart would not be harmful. Full evacuation is 6.8 quarts, which you won't get unless you do a tear down. He said 7 quarts is too much oil.
  13. Actually the dip sticks are not correct in the 4.6 DOHC but I have no proof of that. Their are several TSB regarding engine oil so maybe one covers the dipstick. There is plenty of official Ford documentation that specifically states 6 quarts of oil in the engine for a "Refill" (including the owners manual) which should put you just above the bottom line on the stick with a filter change. So as far as I am concerned 6 quarts is correct and is what I always use. If you want to add 7 go for it, I doubt it'll hurt your engine under normal driving conditions, but if it does and you go to Ford about how your engine blew up, dont mention the seventh quart or that'll give them the ammo they need to void the warranty. Regardless of what you wanna think, the owners manual and service documentation is the bible, if that isnt good enough it's Ford's problem to deal with if something happens.