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  1. What the correct weight and how many quart is these 5.0 take. I have few fox 5.0 in the past, but I cant never get the dip stick to read right, some take 5 quart, some take 5.5 quart to get to the full dot mark.

    I alway use 10w30 and FL1A oil filter, I might be wrong, but did some one mention 10w40 is better for these 5.0 ?
  2. Royal purple 10w30 and either a wix or royal purple filter
  3. I always use the motorcraft filter. It's oe spec and readily available anywhere.
    You need to mark your dipstick. They are horribly inaccurate. Full with 5 quarts and then make a mark on the dipstick. Now you will always know what the correct level is.
  4. I use Pennzoil High Mileage 10w30 with a motorcraft filter. Whats the benefits of Royal Purple (oil/filter) and Wix filter?
  5. It's just what was ran in my motor from the machinist and every other friend of mine that has cars is what they use
  6. I go with the highest quality money can buy..... Fram. :rlaugh:
  7. U mean Ultra :nice:
  8. I just use Mobil 1 10w30, Lucas oil stabilizer, and an OE motorcraft filter.
  9. FL1A and 10W-30 whatever i feel like buying oil.
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  10. FL1A and Rotella oil The weight of the oil will depend on your location. I use 5w30 as I'm in FLorida where it rarely gets below 70
  11. rarely see rotella in 5w30 or 10w30 in a gallon jug, mostly I seen is 15w40 in a gallon, but single quart is 5 dollar. good oil though
  12. i buy the FL1a by the case online and mobile q 10w30 at Wally World
  13. I've been using FL1A filters for eons, with that being said I have just recently switched to Wix. If you cut the filters apart and compare them side by side the Wix line uses an actual spring to hold the oil bypass closed where the Ford filter uses a bent piece of metal. The bypass will fail open much sooner on a Ford filter than a Wix. Fram has to be the worst option since they use no spring at all and simply have cardboard holding the filter together.
    As far as oil goes, I prefer Brad Penn "Green" oil. It's a partial synthetic and has high concentrations of Zinc that helps prevent scuffing and extends bearing life. I run 20w50 in my race motor and would recommend staying with the 10w30 for a stock fox motor.
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  14. Motorcraft FLA1 and Conventional 10w30 Castrol is what I've always run. John Force uses it in his Mustang so its gotta be good enough for me!
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  15. Thats what I run as well.

    FL1A is rumored to be a Purolator PureONE filter in a conventional case...so I sometimes get those if they are on sale or part of the oil change deals when AZ bundles it with the 5 qt jug
  16. The ford filter fits on his big block hemi?
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  17. I run Castrol GTX 20W50 in mine with a Motorcraft filter.
  18. ford filter fit in quiet few different make too, I use FL1A on my jeep 4.0 :rlaugh:
  19. I agree with what you're saying, I do hate to tell you that John force definitely doesn't use a Ford filter...
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