Oil blow by

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by nicklats, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. I have an 88 turbo coupe motor in a 93 mustang with a 93 valve cover. I have a little air filter/breather and im having alot of blow-by what type of system do you guys recommend for containing all the blow-by oil.
  2. How much is a lot?

    Did you replace you PCV Valve? You will get tons of blowby and oil leaking out of the seals with a bad PVC Valve.
  3. ya I had 2 different types and still the same results.
  4. I had some blow-by on my 86 turbo coupe motor in a 89 mustang. I put in new valve seals, a Ford PCV valve change to 88 turbo coupe valve cover and a Ford valve cover gasket expensive but doesn't leak. Run filter off valve cover to intake of turbo. Also run compression test to see if you have too much blow-by from the rings or maybe headgasket hope this helps
  5. Make sure the PCV is from Ford. All others don't work.