%$#@*&^%%$#$# OIL COMPAINIES

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  1. As a past employee of a major oil company, I am outraged by the current SCREWING they are doing to the American public. It's ATROCIOUS. And our president is unwilling to stop his oil buddies.

    In the last two days, the oil company has jacked up the prices from .10 to .50 cents a gallon for product ALREADY PAID FOR AND IN THE GROUND at your local filling station. Check the stock market reports, all the oil companies are posting RECORD profits right now. And they are crying poor. LIES! OUTRIGHT LIES.

    Yes, they will incur costs to repair the damage from Katrina, I agree. BUT, why pre-charge us? It's incredible.

    The oil prices from the middle East are rising. That is for oil ready to be pumped up from the ground halfway around the world. Again, they are gouging us NOW for fully refined product already in thier overflowing tanks at thier refineries.

    Don't beleive me? Ask anyone else who has experience. Wonder why you don't hear much from them? The're keeping very quiet right now....

    I'm Pissed. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. The American public can recognize exactly what he is doing and it will probably cost the republicans the White House in the next election.
  3. I may have to trade my Caddy for a bicycle..........:( Not to mention that it's going to be a long, cold winter................ :nonono:
  4. They charge more because it is going to take more to replace it. Using your logic a classic car should cost the same as it did when it was made. Supply and Demand is the name of the game. What can the President do about it anyway? It is my opinion that the environmentalists are more to blame than the President.

    Let's build some refineries and go to one blend and the costs will come down.
  5. These prices are insane. I love how the media jumps all over this gas price explosion by stating that the prices are rising but because American's have a lot of "expendable" money and the U.S. citizens don't care if there's a price increase. I'd like to know where this "expendable" money is so I can use some of it myself. Bastards!

    As for Bush, he's still trying to find a way to finish up this Iraqi war that his father couldn't finish 12 years ago. I'm still trying to understand how this clown was elected the first time without even winning the popular vote and I'm currently scratching my head over the fact the he was re-elected. Uggg.........
  6. well dont forget their going to balme the bad weather in the south now,before it was supply,now its this.Just paid 2.79 a gallon right now and diesel is 3.15
  7. Boy I hear ya.

    Yeah we're getting raped and I think that is just the way it is going to be from now on. It sucks how gas prices always jump up at even a hint of a problem with oil supplies and then take 50 times as long to return to the original price.

    What we need to do is come up with a way to run cars on something besides gas. Hydrogen is a nice concept, but hybrid technology could really help us right now. Somebody should tell the big three that they could make a killing if they would just build hybrid power plants for their cars. It seems like they build what they want to sel.l Not what people want to buy. No wonder they are in trouble.

    Yeah get off the environmentalists they don't have any power over oil supplies, prices, or the companies that are putting it to us. And the news media sucks nuts! They are so full of it. I've got no expendable cash and I could care less that if you account for inflation the current price of gas is not as high as it was during the second gas crisis.

    I'm going to start ridding my bike everywhere. Of course that's a little dangerous in Lubbock. Like 4 people were killed last year on their bicycles by cars last year. I better invest in some body armor. :p
  8. Try $3.45 US per gallon on average. And we are a bulk exporter! Of course, once you put your resourses on the world market there is no home field advantage.

    Another thing is the amount of taxes we pay on it.

    There is:

    Provincial tax
    Federal tax
    Road improvment tax
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)

    The kicker is the GST is over and above everything - we're paying tax on tax!
  9. Hybrid cars cost about 40% more than conventional cars which outweighs the fuel savings. They are better for the enviroment and that is their main selling point, but only suited for people or companies with deep enough pockets to make such a social statement.

    Smartcars made by Mercedes were made available here last year and they can't keep them on the lot. I see they are not available to the States yet probably due to fear mongering by The Big Three and Big Oil.

    My friend bought one last month. It gets 83 MPG, I have LOADS of room in the driver's seat (I'm 6'4"), and the crash safety tests are phenomenal campared to small cars such as Sprint, Geos, etc. It is powered by a small diesel in the back. You would have to get the convertable to take your golf clubs anywhere. It costs roughly $14,000 USD base.

    In Vancouver and other larger cities they are implementing Smartcar parking stalls after a ticket was issued when two smartcars parked in one stall with only one parking pass. The ticket didn't stand in court.

    My point being (yes I have one) is that higher efficiency developed into conventional technology is more practical than huge batteries and novel concepts that still need more refining.

    Never buy the Mark I of anything!

  10. The Smarts aren't selling too well in europe after their initial interest - they were talking of pulling the plug on them.

    We will be paying around 1 GBP a litre for diesel by Christmas (around seven and a half bucks an Imperial gallon), with unleaded not far behind. Around 80% of that is tax, but sure, oil companies aren't going hungry.

    We had fuel blockades a few years ago because prices were getting too high - they've got to be at least 20% higher now than they were then, but we Brits just take it on the chin.

    Governments are all the same...
  11. Ya, Bush does have the oil, but because the huge refinery in new orleans is now shut down, even if he released some, our refineries don't have the capacity to make as much gas. It is absolutely obsurd though. I went by a gas station today at about 4 and it was 2.89 a gallon (cheap...i know..HA! ya right). My mom went to the same gas station 3 hours later and filled up at 2.99 a gallon. WTF are they doing? Raising the gas price 10 cents a gallon in less than 3 hours? Its ridiculous.
  12. How can that be? Why would the oil companies not have forethought to build more refineries to produce their product? They produce more, we buy more. We buy a lot more, 'cause everybody wants an Excursion :p So much more that the sheer sales volume outweighs any price increases. It's called a free market economy - basic principle of a capitalistic society.

    So how could they (big oil) not think to build any more refineries in the last 6 decades?????

    Guess what? I'm pretty sure that I mentioned it before; but some oil consortium (probably includes Halliburton - they're just sneaky enough to want to slip in the possibility of selling more of what they produce!) is wending it's way through the bureaucratic red-tape to build a refinery about 40 miles from my home. County and State governments, are liking the idea; but it's being bogged down by Greenpeace, EarthFirst, Sierra Club, and a bunch of other environmentalists that don't live less than 150 miles from the proposed site. Couldn't find enough locals to wave banners around at County Board of Supervisors meetings; so they imported banner wavers from Phoenix, Tucson, Kalifornia, and other states. Most of these people hadn't even heard of Yuma..... seems some of the gang from Central Cal weren't paying close attention to the signs on Interstate 8; and ended up about 30 miles out of town (heading East) before they realized that the Arizona-California border passed by a long time ago; and Yuma should have been in their windshield by now..... :rolleyes: (The joke in this is that the I-8 bridge across the Colorado River has, about mid-span, a sign saying "Welcome to Arizona" and a "Yuma City Limits sign right] below it on the same posts :rlaugh:

    Sorry Jimmy, I'm gonna have to "get on" the enviromentalists on this one....

    Before anybody starts standing up and defending the "no more refineries" crowd based on data derived from the last refinery to be built (in like the late 40's); I posit that you guys are the equivalent of the typical guy who says: "Don't buy an '05 Mustang! They don't have 20MPH impact bumpers, no crush-zones, no air-bags, no more smog equipment than a PCV valve! Their front-end is a dangerous old control-arm and coil spring suspension; a sloppy, leak-prone ram-assist steering; and the gas tank will rupture and flood your trunk and passenger cabin engulfing it and you in flames after you've been impaled on the solid steering column!" :eek:

    What's that? You mean the Mustang has technologically advanced waaaaaay beyond all that stuff from 35+ years ago? So what makes the doom-sayers cry out that the science of refining crude oil can't have advanced in the past 50-odd years????? Me thinks politics are in play! :scratch:

    Yeah, it sucks that big oil is "pre-gouging" us. Also sucks that the environmentalists are giving big oil the power (or at least the excuse) to get away with it. :nonono:
  13. dammit.... I'll probably have to double my fuel alotment when I get back.....

    even with 18 mpg in town.... on a bad day.
  14. before you complain that big oil and president bush are ripping you off, consider a few facts;

    1: the net profit per dollar of sales for the oil companies is 7.6 cents, where as all other industries average 7.9 cents per dollar.

    2: yes the oil companies have record profits, but they are also selling record amounts of their products, which by the way is more than just gasoline. heaven forbid that big oil(or any business for that matter) should make a profit.

    3: at the current time the federal, state, and local governments around the country require that the oil companies make 18 DIFFRERENT fuel blends because of environmental regulations. yes the environmental groups DO have a big hand in this as they constantly file law suits to require certain ingredients be added or subtracted from fuel blends.

    4: right now refinery capacity is maxed out due to the different fuel blends that are required, and due to overall demand.

    5: also dont forget that oil companies buy oil not only from set contracts, but on the spot market as well, and that is where much of the cost of oil comes from. spot market oil is expensive, and of course the cost is passed onto the consumer.

    what is needed is to;

    1: change many environmental laws to reduce the number of fuel blends to 3 or 4.

    2: change environmental laws to allow the building of new refineries with new technologies for getting the most out of crude oil stocks.

    3: make new regulations to force the oil companies to start making synthetic fuel from coal and other sources to start reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

    4: expand the use of E85 fuel to also help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  15. These may be facts but the truth of the matter is this: WE ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF! It's a plain and simple fact. EVERY year, these companies raise the prices just in time for the holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...etc...etc...) Also, EVERY winter, they raise the prices of home heating oil. These snakes really know when to stick it to the American public. :fuss:
    Now they're going to blame the hurricane for everything else and the price will skyrocket. It's a bunch of B.S.

    I'm thankful that both my wife and I work 10 minutes from home and we don't have to hand over too much of our income to these ruthless bastards.
  16. Okay so I looked around on the web for info. It's hard to tell the what the truth is because of all the political you know what surrounding this subject.

    The hurricane that has left New Orleans under water, and the people who lived their refugees has only begun to affect us. It’s terrible my heart goes out to the people who lost their homes and their lives. The pres is doing something to try and help ease the suffering of the country where gas prices are concerned by releasing oil from the reserves. The problem is the refinery is down and oil production has stopped coming from that area. I think that what we are seeing now is only the beginning.

    This should be a wakeup call. Our energy policy could be better. And I’ll agree with others that new means of gas/oil production and refinement need to be explored. Oil is so easy though and gas has worked so well for us. Not to mention our dependence on and my love for the car, my favorite invention.

    I like to consider myself a tree hugger, but some of the stuff my fellow environmentalist wackos pull is pretty stupid. It’s easy for me to forget that they have a pretty strong lobby given the teeth pulling that went on, some of it was necessary, at the EPA once Bush and his cronies got in office. We need to look beyond oil and coal to new sources of energy and environmentalist groups need to make concessions so that we can end our dependence on fossil fuels.

    They just put up a wind generator in the city limits here. I was shocked. They need more. Lots more. What do you guys think about building nuclear plants? How about nuclear powered cars?

    Dang Hurricanes http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9150429/
  17. I know the oil companies will always have those people who defend them, but answer me this: how come gas goes up so convienently right before EVERY HOLIDAY IN HISTORY!!????? Refinery fires, world-wide shortages, and now hurricanes are all used to the advantage of the oil companies. The gas prices here in California skyrocketed only one day after the storm 3,000 miles away. Did the crude oil get refined, shipped to the west coast and find the consumer all in one day? I ordered a motor for my car from Dallas, Tx on the day before the storm and it has yet to arrive, maybe they should have put it on the same truck as the oil! Ever see what the CEO's for gas companies make per year? Over $16 million and that doesn't count profit-sharing or performance incentives. Oh, yeah they can really relate to yours and my problems. Ask your local gasoline distributer (the company that sells to the stations) what he makes. Add all the people getting rich off of your gas money before it ever gets to us and it's not hard to see why it costs what it does. Also, thank the environmental clubs for helping create all the different blends in the early '90's. If anyone in the oil industry wants to try to answer this, go ahead: why is it that gas has tripled in price in the past 5 years, but motor oil has stayed the same price ( a buck a quart, on sale) for as long as I can remember? Tires take over 2 gallons of oil to make, why haven't tire prices shot through the roof?
  18. Don't give them any ideas! If they can do it they'll find a way!
  19. Lol! Maybe I should delete that before the evil spy network of the oil companies have a chance to report it...
  20. THIS IS ****ING BULL**** I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I AM GOING TO DRIVE THE STANG. Because of this **** I am considering saving up for a motorcycle so I can sneak by for college. I don't care what people say this if freaking ridiculous finally a thread to vent on. I swear it was all a conspiracy, they drop gas prices before bush's election drop intrest rates to finance SUV's get the american public to buy them up then hike the prices up and watch the profits go. I AM ****ING PISSED OFF IT IS ****ING RIDICULOUS, AND TO THINK I HELPED BUSH'S CAMPAIGN, I REGRET EVER SUPPORTING THAT ****ER, BUT HEY HE WAS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS ID HATE TO SEE WHAT KERRY WOULD HAVE DONE.