Engine Oil Consumption During Break-in?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Noobz347, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Have any of you notice what seems to be, excessive oil consumption during the first 1500 or so miles?

    If not or if so:

    What is the oil that you're using?
    Did you follow break-in instructions?
    Did the consumption stop after break-in was accomplished?
    Are you keeping records on any oil you've added since purchase or last change?

  2. yeah, it goes through alot, just keep topping it up and know it'll stop eventually. Mine stopped when I poured out the factory stuff and put plain jane 5W30 quaker state in it, at about a three thousand miles. it's subsequently had a 5W20 factory oil change and no issues with consumption now on that either.
  3. Nice... I know that there are handful of folks who are are keeping records of every drop that they add between oil changes in the event that the consumption doesn't stop.
  4. My theory is because of the high rpm nature of this engine, it's been assembled a bit looser than might be the case with something that's never going to see that rpm. Could also be the ring pack (they are pretty slim but broadly spaced) or piston design (really short skirts). I'd be betting on the skirts as the biggest factor but who knows? Glad it stopped though.