Oil Consumption

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  1. I have a 2014 mustang gt and just this morning the low oil indicator came on. While the car has 3500 miles on it and the oil is at 68% oil life it was a quart and 1/5 low. Is this normal?
  2. Has it been changed at all yet?
  3. No. Hasn't been changed yet.
  4. I'd change the oil at the dealer, with this problem at such a low mileage. It must be under warranty.
    Good luck, Peach.
  5. They all eat oil at first. Get the oil changed, make sure they document for records to be on safe side. You must drive the car hard if you sissy it will consume oil for a long long time. Usually with moderate driving they slow down consumption around the 10k mark.
  6. Wonder why the oil consumption
  7. I dunno, but every manufacturer with DOHC have oil consumption, that's a lot fo cylinder head and a lot of valves.
  8. Hello mpeach1976,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service and I recommend you bring this up to your dealer as soon as possible. Also, PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number so I can get this documented for you.

  9. a quart low? Something is not right. either you have a leak somewhere, or oil is burning past the piston rings/valves. Take it to the dealer.
  10. Pretty common on the new Coyotes. As mentioned, it seems to slow after the first oil change and stop with more mileage.