Oil cooler for Fox bodies?

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  1. So my car is running a little hot during summer months, with the AC on and I have been wanting to see if adding an oil cooler can help reduce overall engine temps abit. I'm willing to try anything that can help cool my engine down, I'm constantly in the 220* range.
    I already have a 4400 CFM puller fan, 3" 2 core aluminum radiator, highflow water pump, 180* t-stat,, but Vegas weather is above 110 and the engine underhood temps doesnt help either =(
    my car is Turbocharged so I'm sure my oil temps are getting pretty hot since the turbo is using the engine oil aswell. I use Mobil1 10-30 synthetic at all times.

    Has anyone had any experience adding an oil cooler to their fox body car? Any recommendations on what brand or Kit I can buy? I do have a front mounted intercooler already, AC condensor and huge aluminum radiator upfront,, just as fyi
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. If you run synthetic oil, the oil most likely isnt hugely stressed. The issue is that a nice stacked plate cooler, if added in front of the other coils, puts heat back into the system. If you could remote-mount it with a small fan, that would be ideal.

    I'd probably want to know (were I contemplating this) where I was going to install the thing before trying to figure out too much else. Do you have room up front or ideas on other locales to put it?

    The FRPP stacked plate cooler is pretty nice. That decision will depend partially upon what kind of lines you desire using.

    Good luck.
  3. anymore opinions?
  4. No but I have a question though...

    How would you plumb that? Where would the oil inlet and outlets be?


    What is there to prevent cold oil sludge from building up when the weather is cooler?
  5. You could run an oil cooler like the cobra R's
    Behind one of the foglight holes.

    I saw some OEM Cobra R coolers online a while back w/ plumbing.

    Check PPI
  6. All OEM parts = $400
  7. on one of my cars i had my battery in my trunk and i had my oil cooler where the battery was, and had a small electric fan that was made for it attached to it. im not sure if it was ding any good, but thats where it was.
  8. Most of the kits use an adapter between the block and the filter. The adapter accomodates the in & out plumbing and a thermostat to only cool the oil once it is past a certain temp.

    Ford Racing Parts #M-6642-S101 Oil cooler kit http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/iwwida.pvx?;item?item_no=M6642S101 1&comp=LRS
  9. Aha! Thanks JR. I couldn't remember seeing any oil bosses on the block.
  10. I have 3 Fox body Mustangs. One is an SSP with Factory oil to water oil cooler like the 94/95 Cobra's have. In fact the Explorers with 5.0s have them too.

    Question: How are you verifying water temp? The factory gauge? I datalog with a tweecer and my gauge doesn't track actual water temp as accurately as the ECT does. My factory gauge runs about 2 clicks up and a tad over but is actually about 210 which is about perfect. I drive 50 minutes one way to work daily in the summer heat. I have my A9P EEC wired to control my fan and my chip tuned to turn it on at 218 and cycle it off at 212. Those are typically excellent temps for my car. I run a 2 row radiator and have ice cold a/c blowing with dual fans and a 130amp alternator.

    Also on my DSS331 powered car I have an aftermarket oil cooler, tranny coolers on both, triple fans on this car. It loves about 210 to 220 also on my cyberdyne digital dash and those temps are confirmed on my datalogs.

    Most new cars are tuned to run 210 straight up all the time. That is the most efficient range usually for MPG. I also run 15.8 to 17.2 AFR on cruise loads confirmed with a wide band. I have no pinging. I add fuel to cool the engine when the temp gets to 220 and my AFR drops to about 15.5-16.5 and that is in heavy traffic with the A/C.

    At the end of most 1/4 mile passes I'm peaking at about 220 in either car. So I wouldn't think 220 is a problem unless you are pinging or boiling over and going past that range.