Oil Dipstick Popped Up and Sprayed Some Oil..Ramifications?

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  1. I talked to Joe about this today, and he gave me some good insight.
    I let my friend at work take a crack at driving my car (with me in it) around the block (about 1:45PM). On the way back..He PUNCHED IT ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR, which I never do ( I always "ease" it down). Anyway, I saw the BOOST gauge nearly hit 15 :jaw: PSI.

    At that moment I heard a slight whistle, and then smelled oil. We got back to the store, and I popped the hood. The only place a saw oil was on the driver's side VC, the spray pattern looked like this:
    The dipstick was slightly lifted only, and no oil anywhere else. I wiped the oil and started the car. I did NOT see or smell anymore after that. At 7PM, I got out of work, checked the oil level (fine), started the car, and drove home 3 miles without any signs of problems (or oil smell).

    Obviously, you dont want this to happen, but is there a chance that ALL THAT HAPPENED WRONG was the dipstick? I guess Ill know if I see more oil on the ground, but Im hoping that the dipstick just popped up a bit and sprayed oil, and that I DID NOT do any damage to any seals or the internals.

  2. Do you have a breather on the valve cover?
  3. NO, I have the filler neck, but I have a hose connected to the filler neck and that is plugged up. I did this because there was a big vaccum leak throught the breather. I was informed that you should NOT run a PCV and Breather.

    Also, I just went out to look at it..No obvious signs of any seals or gaskets broken.

    BUT, there is now air trying to suck through the top of the dipstick. When I turned the car off, I could hear the air going through there and winding down over a 5-6 second span. Was there a seal around there before that probably shot?

  4. Dude I didnt know you let the guy drive your car. ARE YOU CRAZY LETTING SOMEONE DRIVE YOUR CAR THAT DOESN'T KNOW HOW IT DRIVES, FEELS, ETC. People take advantage when you give them a big chance like that. Hopefully its just oil from the dipstick. Did you punch it when you went home?
  5. I punched it one time to about 4 PSI, after I drove it for a minute. As I said, the only problem so far is what you see above.

  6. Since you plugged the line on the valve cover the only place air can get in and out is through the dipstick tube. Under pressure the PCV valve is forced closed so all the blow-by must go through the dipstick tube. Under vacuum the PCV valve is open and air must be sucked though the dipstick tube. You MUST install a breather on the valve cover in place of the cap. The whole thing about the breather and PCV valve is PURE BS. I have been doing it for over 3 years with no problems. Actually not running a breather with the blower is a problem, as you found out.

    Just leave the PCV valve in place and make sure it is working(valve is free), plug the line on the valve cover nipple(already done you said), and then slap a breather in place of the oil filler cap. I use a screw-in FRPP breather. At 15psi your engine will have a lot of blow-by.

    The breather does cause a vacuum leak, but it is constant and shouldn't cause a problem. My idle simply increased by about 100rpms.
  7. 1. What about the vacuum created by the breather being on?

    2. Is there supposed to be a seal at the top of the inner dipstick that blew? Im wondering why I hear the air sucking in there.
    Thanks again Shaun. Your insight is helpful!
  8. The "leak" caused by the breather shouldn't be a problem. Ever remove the line on your FPR while the engine is running? The idle merely increases, it doesnt surge or die. The same thing will happen with the breather. If it does you can just plug the PCV valve.

    There is no seal in the dipstick except the part in the dipstick handle that friction fits onto the tube, your attention may just be drawn to the sound now? All the air being drawn in from the PCV valve must go through the dipstick tube since you have no breather and the line on the filler neck is plugged. Actually you should be able to hear that thing sucking from 50 feet away.
  9. My Mustang started to push the oil dipstick out. Pretty soon it was a regular occurence. Then my PCV valve started to push out the back. When I pulled the engine, I found numbers 5 and 7 cylinders had broken rings. Check your compression and leakdown.
  10. I'd also recc a pcv with a one way check valve.
    I had a buddy that blew his dipstick out on the dyno, we pushed it back in and no probs.
    He got a breather later and it solved his problem.
    I doubt it hurt anything if the car is still running strong.

    Let us know RC, and keep that guy outta the driver seat, My wife has to fight me to drive my car, yet alone a friend.
  11. im the same way...and i was that way when the car was stock....the furthest anyone besides myself or my dad has driven the car was a buddy who i REALLY trust moved the car closer to the building in the parking lot at work so it could warm up where i could see it....and he has backed the car in and out of my garage before :banana: ......other than that my friends ask all the time but the answer is always no way....the girlfriend may get to drive it ONCE....after i get a beater and teach her to drive stick...

  12. I have the breather from before, and I was going to install a one way valve in the line from the PCV back to the intake. I was also going to install the same valve in the rubber hose from the oil filler neck to the power pipe (per Bling's recommendations)

    For now, tho, do you know why I hear air hissing in through the dipstick, and is there a way to prevent that?

    Im going to work now and drive it, so Ill post on here about 8PM tonight how things are running.

    Thanks again guys
  13. Shaun is making a lot of sense out about the PCV and the breather. Try putting the breather back on, push the dipstick in and take it for a ride. Punch it and see what happens with the dipstick.

    Why haven't you responded to our comments about letting some stranger drive you car?

  14. In order of Importance...

    Mistake #1...Letting someone else drive your car.

    Mistake#2... Letting someone else drive your car.

    Mistake #3...Letting somoene else drive your car.

    Hopefully nothing is wrong w/ it but if so then theres not much you can do, cant really hold him responsible since you let him drive it. I dont even have a power adder ( yet ) and I still dont let anyone drive mine.
  15. Because that is not the freakin' issue here :mad: :fuss:

    Anyone else with any thoughts?
  16. I think problem is bad PCV Valve , I use to have same problem , I change PCV Vaqlve and problem is gone
  17. Mine does this to but in the N/A state. In my case I feel one of my cylinders has a bad ring or something because I have a new PCV, and a breather in the valve cover. I hope you get yours figured out, chasing little problems like that can drive you crazy.


  18. You wouldent have an Issue if you dident let someone else drive your Stang :nono:
  19. You try to be a nice guy and this is what happens. Vette Boy and I always drive each other's car...ALONE!

    Besides, If nothing bad came out of this, then at least I learned more about the Pressure issue. Also, I guess if this is gonna happen, it's better like this right by my house that 20 miles away, racing some ricer..

    Anyway, what about the air sucking in through the dipstick?

    Is that that normal considering all other vacuum sources are sealed off?

  20. My friend Dyno Don told me , when you have too much pressure at crank , dipstick come out