Oil Dipstick Popped Up and Sprayed Some Oil..Ramifications?

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  1. Well you still have the PCV valve in working order right? You hear the hissing because that hose in the back of the intake is drawing air through the crankcase and the dipstick tube is the only area of the crankcase that is open.
  2. Shaun despite this event, when I checked the PCV, it was still in place and there was NO oil around that area...Im pretty sure it is still working. The mechanics of what you are saying makes sense, but is that air going in harmful, and is it better to slap the breather on the other side of the valve cover so that at least the air going in is filtered, and evenly distributed on both sides?

    Should I try to "seal up" around the dipstick?

  3. This sounds like a good idea.
  4. Only if its still leaking around it, I think your getting to worried aboutall this it dosent sound like its anything major at all, sometimes you just cant explain why things happen w/ cars. Simply sounds to me that there was to much pressure built up somewhere and it had to get released some how so it just went through the Dipstick. You dont have any oil leaks anywhere and the car is running fine so I wouldent worry about it
  5. WEll, I have about 3 or 4 oil spots on the ground, but this has been a regular occurance since September, despite changing the lower gasket, checking the front and rear seals, chaning the VC's and tightening the drain plugs. The bottom of the car is pretty covered with oil residue, but the top hardly shows any signs. There is also as I said, no oil burning odors or visible signs of leaking, only residue and spots on the floor.

    Something is blowing out, then dripping down when I stop. Havent found the cause for 4 months now and it is driving me up the wall! :bang: :bang:
  6. has it only dont it since you put the Supercharger on it?
  7. Yes,
    But, the VORTECH has been on for 10 months and this is the first and ONLY time it has done it..it is not a regular occurence.

    It's just that it NEVER happened before, and it freaked me out..seeing all that oil spewed all over and not knowing for sure what it was. I think it's ok. I dont know if a seal or gasket blew, but the spots of oil on the ground are the "normal" ones from the last few months, and if you drive it, you cant smell oil or feel anything unusual.

    Just slapped on the AUtometer OP gauge, and it's reading 50 or so pretty steadily.

    Thanks again.
  8. I'm basically going to say what S/Cblack95GT has said, leave the PCV valve in and also use a breather filter. You said in your first post that your buddy got in and matted it, where as you roll into. At 15psi that is alot of pressure in the crank case and it has to have a way to get out. ie blowing out the dipstick. I wouldn't worry about doing a leak down test unless you're seeing alot of blow-by. The oil shooting out of the dipstick tube is nothing to worry about. Something else you might want to do in addition to the breather is to turn the dipstick tube around.

  9. Thanks U BN BIT, I think Ill do that..
    NOW, I just gotta find out where the oil is leaking from.

    Drain plugs are tight.
    Lower gasket just changed.
    Front Main is dry.

    Hmm. :shrug:
  10. About the oil thing...stick your hand back there were the lower meets the block? Is it wet? Is there oil on your fingers? Get back there obviously when the car is not so hot and feel around. What did you use to seal the front and back of the lower intake? If it's the cork gaskets that come with the Felpro 1250 set, your screwed. If you used RTV, yeah your almost screwed there too. The cork may seal right. But after it's torqued down it slips out. I feel like I've done a million manifold installs and I will NEVER use cork again. RTV combined with the FACTORY rubber end seals won't leak, as long as the lower is installed right.

    I'm not doubting that you guys installed the lower wrong, but if you used cork, you can almost bet that there's your problem. As for RTV, that's tricky too, but it can work if done right.

    I'd say if the lower ISN'T the problem, get under the car and try to trace the oil. I chased an oil leak like you for months and it turned out to be my oil pan gasket (PITA to change when the motor's in the car!). I was also missing bolts too :rolleyes:. Maybe it's the rear main seal?

    Sorry to ramble. I figured I could try to help you out with the oil problem, but hell you could have already rulled out the lower end seal gaskets as the problem.

    There's no gaskets inside the oil dipstick hole. On the dipstick tube there's a metal, somewhat o-ring type thing right on the end where it inserts into the block. That's how it seals.

    But 15psi of boost? DAMN, check compression and leak down.
  11. Green, We used the blue curved pieces AND RTV. WE set the lower on and let it dry about 2 hours before cranking it back up. Before we did the lower, there were oil mist droplets on the firewall. NOW, I do NOT see any oil on the back fire wall. It doesnt mean it's not dripping out, but I doubt if that, that it is SPRAYING out. The car runs and feels "fine" despite the leaks and the "incident".
    Thanks for replying.
  12. Yea your dipstick should seat down firmly, if not get a new one or try to fix yours. Install the breather and all should be ok.
  13. Thanks Shaun,

    From what Ive read, the Breather messes up the function of the PCV.

    You dont think that's an issue, or it is, but it's just not quite as important?

    I thought my blown lower intake seal was due to running both together.
  14. Well RC and I did the breather thing at the same time. We also blew out the lower rear intake seal at the same time. A breather and PCV together is not recommended. Some people can get away with it. We however did not. A breather on each valve cover and the PCV capped is the way to go. Stock valve covers obviously won't work though. The next step at least for me is to rig up a stock system. Run a vacuum line (after the MAF) to the valve cover nipple with a one way check valve. Leave the oil cap on and the PCV entact.
  15. Im so confused, I dont know which way to point my pecker.
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    I understand both points, but doesnt the "dual breather" or even single breather for that matter create a vacuum of unmetered air?


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