Oil Filter For 302 - Fl1a Or Fl300?

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  1. I always used FL1A, my 78 owners manual spec's FL-1, with 5 qts oil. However, every other resource (including Ford) seems to specify the short filter, Motorcraft FL-300.
    I know either will work, wondered if there is some advantage to the FL-300 (other than clearance). Maybe better flow? The FL-300 is 1" shorter, so holds about 1/3 qt less.
    What is everyone using?
  2. I will probably get flamed, but I use a Fram PH16. But, I have an oil cooler installed, so I needed a shorter filter, a regular PH8 or FL1A wouldn't fit. The FL300 may fit though...I will have to look into it in a couple weeks when I finally get my car moved here! :)
  3. Thanks! The black w/gold looks great, btw. I had a black & gold one myself, 30 years ago. A '77 with 2.8L, 4spd w/headers and duals (no mufflers, either).
    But back to the filters, I called Purolator out of curiosity, and the tech line told me the shorter filter was entirely for clearance, no advantage.
    I change oil often enough that I may start using the shorter filter, it is much easier to install.
    The slight (.27 qt) difference in oil capacity is nothing, really.
    Had to check my manual again because I thought it was weird that they changed the recommended filter number. And yes, the '78 manual does indeed specify FL1 for the 5.0L engine.
    Guess they came with the bigger filter, and changed spec after people complained about the clearance? Who knows.
  4. How dare you sir!!! :crap:
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  5. Use a Purolator L14670, a Mopar MO-090, a Motorcraft FL300, Wix 51085, or any other that fits Ford and Chrysler small-blocks, but for the love of God, stop using that damned Fram. Fram's Ultra/Synthetic filters are even okay, but that cheap orange piece of crap is only an oil recirculator, it doesn't filter anything with it's cardboard end caps and faulty bypass valve design (which is a crying shame, because the actual filter media between those craptacular cardboard endcaps is actually pretty good).

    Reading this will show you what I'm carrying on about: http://minimopar.net/oilfilters/index.html

    (I've been either in shops or behind parts counters my entire adult life and basically obsess about what filters/fluids go into my cars.)
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  6. The FL-300 is simply a shorter filter. It was used in applications where a standard FL-1A would not fit, such as engines with oil coolers like Special Service Mustangs and 2.3 turbo cars like the SVO.

    If you can fit an FL-1A, by all means use it. It holds more oil and has more filtration area.
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  8. I use the FL1a, and it BARLEY fits in the mustang 2. I might start using a shorter filter, maybe WIX. I would stay away from fram though.