Oil in coolant... i think

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  1. Ok, Ive been neglecting my baby here for quite some time due to a shortage in funds here lately. The other day I was lookin in my engine bay cuz I know I have a water leak somewhere up front. So I peek into the overflow bottle just to see how low it is or how much Ive lost, and my coolant is pretty much black. In the radiator, its much more green, but if I poke my finger down a little bit and drag it up the side, there is this nast black (maybe dark brown) sludge that comes up.

    Now I know I have to flush my system, But what is this **** and how do I get it out?? I dont think its gonna be like I just run some water thru it and its gone... And then what do I do with the coolant thats in it now? I know you usually take it to a local service place and they will dispose of it, but will they take it if its all black and stuff??
  2. Cant really help besides bump ya.

  3. thanks..

  4. My VW golf had the same thing you're saying and it started running hot. I was also losing oil and having to replace it (obviously) so we took it in and it was a blown head gasket. Ended up having to get the heads machined, new gaskets, and the coolant system flushed. Sounds like it's recent as it's not frothing up like a milk shake and it's not all over in your rad yet. Maybe it just started.
  5. That's what I was thinking head gasket.

    Im sure the shop will take the dirty antifrezze. If not just dump it down the sewer. Just Kidding.
  6. If its the original antifreeze that came from the factory and depending on how many miles are on your car the coolant will collect rust and debre from flowing therough the block. Just flush the cooling system and add new antifreeze. If you are real concerned, do a pressure test on the cooling system and that will determine if it's a head gasket.
  7. head gasket, head gaskets can fail a few ways, one is getting oil into your radiator. I say from experience. I had one blow on my stang and on my cutlass. My cutlass was the one with the obvious oil in the radiator, it would be at the top and cover the coolant, like a surface layer. Also, the coolant resevoir would be black as you discribed. I trashed that crappy 3.8 and my dad has the car now, planning on putting a high-per 350 in it. He still wont beat me.....