Oil In Propellor In Supercharger

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  1. Hey, I pulled my power pipe off of my supercharger earlier today and found a little bit of oil on the lip of the supercharger casing. There was a little oil on the propellor too. Is it time for a rebuild on my headunit or is it possibly blow-by? The vent tubes for the valve covers are dry, i'm leaning towards my supercharger busted a seal or something.

    This never happened to me before so it's new to me. My other 2 blower vehicles never had this issue.

    Time for a rebuild? headunit in question is a V2 S-trim casing with a T-trim propellor.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's blow-by. Do you still have the tube from the oil fill port hooked up to the inlet tract before the blower?

    Chances are that you need to install an oil separator in-line of that tube.
  3. The oil fill port isn't vented, its sealed. Its the PCV (drivers side valve cover) that is vented into the pre-blower intake tract.

    Blower rebuilds are expensive, oil seperators aren't. I'd start with an oil separator and see if it helps
  4. I have this problem to a certain degree with my Eaton. On my car, it's just blow by. I'm not that worried about it.
  5. Sneaky is right. I bought my Procharger brand new. It has always had a little bit of oil in front of the propeller. I need a separator too. Anybody got a quick parts list for making one or a brand they recommend buying?

  6. My only complaint about this one is that there's no window in it so that you can see how full it is. Check it at oil change intervals and you should be fine though.

  7. I found a JLT separator that looks pretty nice too. I'm kind of surprised at how much these things cost.
  8. Do yourself a favour and install an oil separator. Not only is it messy, but it will gum up your ACT and can actually lower fuel octane when present in the air charge. They're under $20 to build yourself. Just head over to your local home Depot and pick yourself up an oil separator from an air compressor and the appropriate barbed fittings.

    I build one for my Eaton blown Cougar and I was emptying it on a regular basis....especially when you're on the gas hard.
  9. I took my vortech off and and am putting on my novi 2000. Also I got breathers and will be running those so this problem is pretty much solved for me. Novi 2k housing is huge compared to the vortech one.
  10. Its late and Im bored...so Im going to be an ass and make a correction....

    Its actually called an impeller and not a propeller :p

  11. LOL... MANY MANY MOONS ago, I was taking a test for jet engine certification... The question was something like, "What is the name of the first stage of blades on a turbofan engine". The answer is, "Impeller".

    It was the only question on the test that I missed. I knew then that I'd never forget the answer to that question for the rest of my days. lol
  12. The question is: do you know the difference between the two? :D

    I had a thermo/heat systems class last semester. We had been talking about pumps and all that jazz for a few weeks, kept hearing the words impellers and propellers, never thought anything of it. First question of the test, 10% of the grade, "What is the difference between an impeller and propeller?"

    Like Noobz, missed that question. Won't forget the correct answer either. Haha.
  13. Im an engineer.......so yes :D
  14. heck, even I know the difference... 'im' and 'pro' sheesh :leaving:
  15. The spinning thing inside the supercharger housing.

  16. Oh, the peller. Why didnt you just say so