Roush oil in sc

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  1. wat kind of oil do you guys use in your sc saleens, my first 2 oil changes i used 5w-20 syntetic penzoil, also i had an offer to swap rear ends with a buddie of mine he has a 2003 Saleen Cobra with an Irs i have an 02 s281 sc with a live axel, i can pick any gears i want for the rear end if i swapm with him wat do u guys think
  2. I always use 5w-30 Mobil One synthetic and did on my 02 Saleen also. Oh yea, I used the mobil filter for synthetic also. You will probably get a lot of responses about oil choice. There are so many to choose from, and everyone has an opinion.
    Are you planning on autocrossing your Saleen every weekend? If so, go for your swap. Otherwise leave your straight axle in there. All around I would rather have my straight axle. There is a reason your buddy wants to trade. What is that reason?
    Both of you own rare beasts. An 03 Cobra is very rare indeed. The only reason I can think that he wants to trade you is that he is getting some wheel hop or wants to flog the hell out of that thing. It's a free country brother.
  3. Check your Saleen owners manual. I thought they were recommending 20W50 synthetic
    after the break-in period...
  4. didnt say anything about 20-50 said somehting about
    5-30 im gonna use mobil one 5-30 next round
    ya his car is 1 or 1 its got the rainbow paint i belive #291 or smething, he just bouth the KB blowzilla for it so the irs has to go, i use mine at the drags some im gonna stick with my staight axel and send him looking
    so u think 5-30 is cool wven though the oil cap says 5-20
  5. Yea tfalk they used to recommend 5w-20. Under the hood on the Saleen sticker is says that. (at least on my 02' did) but all the boys at Saleen run 5w-30 so that is what I do. It does say that on the cap (5w-20) also. My service tech at Ford also advises 5w-30 in all new mustangs. There is nothing wrong with running the 5w-20 though. Same motor, just pullies and a powerflash. Or the blower and powerflash for S/C.
    20w-50 is pretty thick. Maybe you meant 5w-20? :shrug:
  6. Ok, I figured out the confusion at least for my car... I knew there was a xxW50 somewhere...

    The 1999 Saleen supplement says to use 5W30, which is what Ford recommends for
    the 1999 models... not sure about the 02'.s.. The underhood sticker from Saleen
    on my 99 says to switch to 5W50 after the break-in period. 5W50 is almost impossible
    to find... I had emailed Saleen a while back and they told me to use the 5W30 during
    the colder parts of the year and 20W50 was OK to use during the hot months.
  7. I use 0w20 Mobil 1 full synthetic :nice:
    That is Mobil 1's 5w20
  8. I use Mobil 1 seems to do very well.