oil in the upper intake

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  1. Well I took off my intake today (again) to fix the leak in the rear of the lower, and to get out the bolt that got broken off and when I took off the back plate on my upper, there was oil there again! I had my dad look at it and the only think he'd know that could cause that is the PCV line was kinked in the middle... Would this cause oil to go up into the upper intake?

    Also, how do I get off the stock valve covers? They seem to be stuck on there pretty good. I have some fox bodied valve covers I'm going to stick on there once I get my stock ones off. For the valve cover gasket... do i get one from an 87-93 stang or a gasket for a 94-95 stang?
  2. Well I dont know about your intake, but to take off the valve covers, I used a putty knife and lightly hammered the knife under the valve covers to pry them off. The gasket gets sort of bonded to the valve covers so its a little hard to seperate them from the cylinder heads.
  3. I know what your problem is.

    This happened to my Trickflow Intake. The thing is, your baffle on the lower intake is not long enough. Compare it to the stock one. See? So everytime you slam the gas, the oil goes to the back of the motor, then sucked through your PCV, and then through your upper intake, and out the back.

    I went and bought a bunch of vacuum hose and took a catch can from my neighbor's race car. Ran the line from the PCV on the lower, spliced it into the catch can, and then it runs in front of the motor and into the upper. Problem solved.

    Now you just need to clean out the intake runners of all the extra oil. Also on the baffle, take a screw driver and pry the front of it down a tad. Just to let in some extra air.

    EDIT: I used a rubber mallet to bust off my valve covers. I used to have a picture of me busting them off, but it got lost somehow.
  4. the factory gaskets are rubber/metal and stick like a mofo...if your careful, you'll be able to re-use them on the fox VCs...Their both the same...
    i was unable to use them with my aftermaket chromes and use cork Fel-Pros now..had the corks on/off 3 times over and no leaks, though some have had probs with em...
  5. 94GTS: Is it possible that this blows out the back, then forms a consistent small puddle on the ground after driving? (the pool was right in the center, just in front of where the pipes come down from the headers and begin the curve backwards)

    I have some of that dirty residue along the back ledge of the firewall, then I see a small (2" diameter) pool of oil after the car is parked.

    Vib and I took off the upper to do the injectors. He noticed couple of cracks in some of the hoses and we did a "temp" fix job on them. It looks as of now that the leak may have stopped, but not sure yet, still checking daily.

  6. do you have a picture of your catch can setup? I think I know what your talking about but want to be sure. Also where can I get a catch can for my car and what about taking the baffle all the way off? Would that be better than just bending it down some?
  7. Sorry, I've been away all day today.

    As my luck would have it, my pictures of the device are no where to be found. You can use a air tool piece that you can buy from walmart. It is clear with a foam filter type thing on it. Just go the air tool section and look at their parts. It's made by Cambell/Hausfield(sp?).

    94GTL- I don't think that this would cause that to happen. All the oil stayed inside the engine with no dripping. Perhaps your rear seal on the lower intake didn't seal up right. Did you use cork or the rubber seals instead?
    The only oil I got on the car would be some oil spackles on the back bumper.

  8. Eric, Vib and I have come to the conclusion that we are BOTH experiencing the same thing. Is there anyway possible you can give us a slightly bit more detailed step by step (with pics if possible) on this "catch can" thing youre talking about?

  9. I'm guessing you splice into the vac line running from the PCV valve to the intake. With the filter on there, it will stop the oil allowing air to still pass through so it will still function correctly. Did a little photoshop of what *I* think its supposed to be like. Correct me if I'm wrong because I need to do something about my oil problem too.

    RC, you said your oil is getting on the ground right? I didnt get the cork on the back side of my lower intake sealed correctly so a little oil leaked out that way, also does your PCV valve blow out? If so maybe oil is coming out from there and dripping down.

    :lol: i cant upload pictures to stangnet anymore unless I delete some older ones... :bang: Just noticed is said PVC instead of PCV

  10. Yea, that's what it looks like. Just instead of a filter, it's a can.
  11. His photoshop puts mine to shame :( but I'll probably be trying that out soon if I cant find out anyother way to fix my problem, thanks!
  12. I have this problem as well, the oil blow-by into the upper intake. I run the same intake as Eric does, but I havent gotten around to "fixing" the problem.
  13. Can Someone please tell me: Where exactly is the oil coming out of. The "blowby" concept is beginning to make sense, but I still dont know where the oil is actually leaking from. I know it's spraying all over the engine, but from where :shrug:
  14. If your problem is actually a leak, it has to be the gaskets. Sometimes the rear gasket for the lower intake leaks if you dont get some RTV in the corners. When I had to replace my intake gaskets about a year ago, we used a Fel-Pro gasket kit from Pepboys, it came with these blue rubber seals to use where the lower intake meets the block. I used a little RTV on the block, set the seal on top of it, put a decent amount in the corners, put a little on top of the seal, and put the lower intake on. I havent had a problem with a coolant or oil leak since then.
  15. Vib told me it wasnt the gaskets...it was the PCV thing, but Im not sure where the oil is actually coming from?
  16. Well, it could be a PCV problem, when was the last time you replaced the valve, rubber grommet, and the breather filter that is below that? Have you checked the rubber hose coming from the PCV to the intake, if there is a rip in it, that could allow blow-by oil to spray on stuff.
  17. This is my blowby theory...

    Once you put a new intake on, its allowing more air into the engine which cant all be let out by the stock breather on the valve covers so it builds up pressure under the lower intake and the only place for it to go back out is through the PCV valve.

    If thats the problem, couldnt you just get a nice breather system for the valve covers to let out the access air? Also RC, what I did to make sure it was my PCV valve that was causing the oil, I cleaned out my intake and pulled off the PCV valve and stuck a screw in it to prevent a vac leak. drove it around a little bit, took the cover back off and saw that there was NO oil... something you might want to consider to see if thats your problem or not.

    RC, did you remember to put the PCV valve baffle on the bottom side of your lower intake? I didnt have the parts to put mine on at first and when I got around to it, it stopped 3/4 of the oil getting to my upper.
  18. A shop put my stuff on..It didnt start leaking till about 4 months after that.
  19. I went with Jose (Str8...) and bought those gaskets. Ill put a pic up when I get it done. Im guessing that when the shop did it, they used the gaskets that came with the lower and DID NOT use theses Rubber pieces? Im also guessing that this should really help the leaking?

    Here it is:

  20. Those look like the ones I have on my car. They have been on there for about a year now and no leaks what so ever from them.