oil in the upper intake

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  1. same here, just did a head up rebuild, blown gasket... bleh... and i have the same felpro kit with the rubber strips...
  2. Thanks to bling.....I gave him a call on the phone and he shared some good info with me. :hail2:
  3. I used the same rubber end pieces without a problem. It's the cork ones that leak like no other.
  4. I got that set too, I did eat a bit of coolant though. a lot of people just use a thick bead of rtv instead of the front and rear seals, that way the intake sits flat on the heads.

    As for the catch can, how about running a line to go back into the oil pan for the drain? I know Canton pans usually have provisions for drain backs
    PCV====[.......]=====intake man.
    ............oil pan

  5. Wow! That's a wonderful idea. Didn't think of that. But not sure if I wanna drill a hole in my pan. Plus I just got a new oil pan gasket.
    But genius enough!
  6. that is a great idea

    as for the cork gaskets leaking like no other, I've had 2 cork gaskets for my lower intake and neither of them leaked one bit. I used weather strip adhesive on the bottom, let it sit until it was dry, then put some RTV on the sides where it meets up with the head gaskets... I did the same with the rubber ones I have on it right now with NO leaks. Maybe too much RTV is a bad thing :shrug:

    so RC, did you ever get your problem fixed or are you still working on it?
  7. 1. Still checking to see if there is leaking. There is oil on the ground, but Im not sure that it isnt just oil dripping from the puddled areas the previously leaked. I went out tonight and sprayed everything down with brake cleaner. It will be a few days till I know of sure if the leaking stopped. If there is leaking still it is DEFINITELY NOT major, since It I dont see any spray beads at all or oil around the PCV.

    2. I dont thing there can be TOO much RTV..Reason: SInce you use a TQ wrench for the intake, any excess will be squeezed out. If you put A Lot, any small crevices will be filled in when you tighten it down. If you tighten by "feel" only, then I would say that the Dried RTV may interfere with "judging" the tighness of the bolts. A lot is good if you put the intake on right away, and THEN let it dry...not let it dry, then put on the intake.

    Thanks for asking..I will keep you posted..
  8. What is the part number of these gaskets? I just ordered Fel-Pro 1250 from Summit, and it has cork gaskets.

  9. I honestly don't remember the part number, RC should be able to tell you, he just bought the same gasket set a few days ago.
  10. Fel-Pro MS93334....its the 2 heads, Blue silicone rubber end, Dizzy O-Ring and a stock U/L gasket...like 15-18 bucks...
    The lowers are equal in size to the 1250 i believe....the 1262 is the big mother??

    This is the kit I always use....and matches RCs pic..
  11. If you are puddling on the ground, I have a feeling that it's your rear main seal dude. Could also be your oil pan gasket
  12. I just went to PepBoys and asked for the Felpro replacements for the Stock Lower.

    The blue rubber ding dongs were in there!.


    About the "puddling"....I know for sure now that there is oil coming from the back of the VC's I just installed. I wont know if the lower is leaking now until I fix the VC's.

    As of now, it doesnt look like the lower is leaking anymore.

    Ill take VC leaks over the INtake leaks ANY DAY!

  13. RC, when you take the valve covers back off, check to see if your heads have an even surface in the back with a straight edge or something. They might have warped over the years causing an uneven surface not allowing everything to seal properly.
  14. Would some RTV help solve this.

    I guess the best thing to do is get some NEW gaskets for it, then scrape of the old ones and put the new ones on with a small amt of RTV?

  15. I would check first to see if everything has an even surface... if not apply some RTV in the low areas. I'm still using my stock valve cover gaskets on my TW heads that I just put on and they are still working fine...

    New gaskets will always help. Theres some blue rubber ones you might want to check out. They should seal pretty good but they do eaise your valve covers up a little bit (they are kinda thick) so you might have a clearance problem with your intake or something else. But you really should check to see if the surface on the heads isnt warped in any way, it'll only take a few minutes to check.

  16. What is the point of checking unless I do something about it, other than just "knowing" that it is not even?

    Will that change what I do in terms of "how" to install the covers? :shrug:
  17. If its eneven when you put new gaskets on, there might still be a place where oil can leak out because its not sealing in that one area. If there is I'd just put a little bit of RTV on it. I doubt there is a low area on your heads but when you go to put on the new gaskets, just check where the oil is coming out of just to make sure and apply some RTV if needed
  18. So I guess your suggestion is to NOT use the RTV unless you see some areas where it is UNEVEN? That makes sense.

    Also, Do you put the gaskets in the covers, THEN put the covers on, or put the gaskets on the heads, then place the covers over them?
  19. I'd get 2 bolts for each valve cover, stick them on opposite sides (one on the left, one on the right) then slide the gasket onto the bolts then stick it on your heads that way the holes will be lined up and you wont have to play around with it. That only works if your gaskets have holes for the bolts to go through.

    You can also get some studs and stick them in, put the gasket on, then the valve cover and a few bolts, then take out the studs.
  20. sounds easy enough..

    The rear bolts on the covers (top and bottom on both) both required about 1/2 turn with the socket to tighten them up. I did NOT drive the car, but let it run a bit. I ran my hand along the lip and I got "some" oil residue, but not gobs dripping. At least that gives me time to go get the gaskets.

    How much should these run?