Oil Pressure Gauge Help


Jan 11, 2017
My gauges in my cluster arent working for reasons unknown.... For the time being i bought a 3 gauge set (amp,water temp and oil press) my questions are...

1. Where is the best place to go through firewall?
2. Is it safe to use thread tape on the fittings and just not put it at the end of the threads?
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Mod Dude
May 7, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
I have always just drilled a 1/2 - 3/4 inch hole through the firewall next to where the clutch cable goes through, and bought a rubber grommet to keep it professional looking and not have wires run over bare metal. As far as Teflon tape you refer to, get it close to the end of the threads, just make sure it doesn't extend past.


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Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
There's a spot behind the A/C filter-dryer where I usually snake stuff through - a few wires and a vacuum line to the boost gauge. Have to poke through the carpet padding. It exits high up in the passenger foot-well. I'm not a fan of drilling into the firewall, especially near a stress-point like the clutch cable.

I'm definitely not a fan of mechanical gauges mounted inside the cabin. Hopefully you're just running electrical?


Nov 1, 2013
did everything stop working or just the oil pressure gauge? there's a fuse that provides power to the cluster you might try checking that. To answer your other question, when i ran lines for my oil pressure gauge i drilled a small hole in the fire wall right behind the valve cover and routed the line along side the intake and down to the sender. I used a mechanical gauge and this seemed to be the cleanest way to run the line. worked out pretty well too. there arent many places to run lines through the firewall that are existing unless you want to run tons of line.
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