Oil pressure gauge not working

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  1. I have a 2000 GT, I just got back from being deployed for the past 50 days. I got in my car to drive it and the oil pressure gauge will not move. I checked my oil and it is full. Before i left i had no problems with the car. It seems to drive fine, and no noises or anything. Any ideas of things i could check i would appreciate it.
  2. Start first by checking the wire to the oil pressure sending unit. Is it connected? Is it tight?

    Next remove the connector and short the wire to ground while the motor is running. If the dash gauge works, then the sender is bad.

    If the dash gauge does not work, the problem is in the wiring or the dash itself. More tests will be needed.

    Accessing the cluster diagnostic mode:
  3. Thanks i will try that. This may be a dumb question, but would it be safe to drive still with this problem?
  4. MPScott1:

    The pressure switch may just have gunk on it or a rodent may have gnawed through a wire. You can put a pressure gauge on at the switch connection to check that the pump is working but I would check the switch is working first so you don't have to wrench immediately.


  5. To discard gauge failure, do a gauge test using the instruments cluster diagnostics: press the TRIP button on the instruments cluster then turn on the ingnition (without cranking it) until "test" reads on the odometer: the gauges will go from min. to max. then min. again then actual readings. This also happens when you reconnect the battery and turn the ignition afterwards.

  6. My gauge did the same thing...turned out the plug in to the sensor worked itself loose
  7. Got it fixed ended up being a bad oil pressure sending unit.