Oil Problems?

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  1. I just bought a 97 cobra last night with only 14xxx miles on it feel pretty good about that becuase i know i got one hell of a deal on it. I just had some normal questions i guess you could say i was going over the car this morning and noticed some oil on the ground not bad couple drops nothing to major coming from a line that i don't know what its for i will be attaching some pics and i noticed one of the pipes coming off of the air intake towards the supercharger was a lil loose and it had a small pool of oil in it wondering what could be causing that any advice would be appreciated thank you again

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  2. If there is an oil line for the supercharger, you can follow it to see if that's it. It'hard see it but it may have been tapped into the oil filter mount.
    Mine is installed in this manner and where the line was tapped to the oil filter mount it always looks a little wet but it doesn't drip. Hope this helps.