Oil: Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 Synthetic

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  1. I was at the local speed shop the other day and noticed that they are selling Royal Purple 5w-30 for $4.50/qt. Autozone sells Mobil 1 full Synthetic 5w-30 for $4.58/qt. So the price is not an issue. Which is better?
  2. I dont think one is really that much better than the other. Just pick one and go with it. Most people on here use Mobil 1 compared to Royal Purple since usually you can get Mobil 1 easier and cheaper than Royal Purple. I did a poll on this once before. Like a few months back. Might want to conduct a search.

    I say go with which ever one you can get easiest and cheapest. Just my .02 cents.
  3. I'm partial to Royal Purple as it's "home grown" (Humble area) , but ...

    It does run for more than Mobil 1 .

    I got lucky a few months back and bought a case & a 1/2 for $4.00/qt @ Napa. :hail2:

    They advertise it as producing max performance - dunno. :shrug:

    Do know that I try to run 5K on "name brand" syn oil before changing.

    I have 53K on the car, and this last time came within 300 miles of the 5K mark before the change oil light came on.

    That was w/ 10W30 Royal & one time at the track on that change - I think i ran it 7 times that night.

    That is the farthest I've gotten on an oil change.

    I put Q.S. syn in last night - 5W30 due to the upcoming cooler weather.

    Wally world has it for $4.00/qt - close to the Mobil 1 price (in 5 qt jug) of $ 4.40/qt.

    Used to be $18.88 , but it went up. :(

  4. AMSOIL - The first and best synthetic. I run the 0/30 in mine.
  5. I use Amsoil as well...

    In my opinion its the best oil. Ive only compared it to Mobil 1 Synthetic..

  6. Oil

    Mobil 1 5w30-'Nuff said!
  7. How good is Castrol syntec ? Anyone know ? Im just curious.
  8. BTW, my dad ran a synthetic in his TrailBlazer and it actually lost performance. Apparently the synthetic was "too slick" he says. I run a blend in my car.
  9. Oil

    Castrol is not a true synthetic
  10. I only use Soilent Green. Wouldn’t put anything else in my ‘Stang. :nice:
  11. It's made from PEOPLE :eek:

  12. AMSOIL is the way to go IMO. I've had good luck with it. My father is a preferred customer so I usually pay about $62 for a case of 10w-40.
  13. "Not a true synthetic": how can it be determined?

    I've read an article that some judge determined, back around year 2000, that lots of motor oils could continue having the word 'synthetic' on their containers, even though they've changed the oil to be a mix of synthetic and 'highly refined regular oil'. They all started doing it because 'everyone else was doing it', and they were selling it and making it for a lot cheaper.

    Now, you see the word 'synthetic' and it's means squat. If there was some standard way to know the contents of the oil, we could make an informed buying decision.

    Now, I know people in these forums, as a collective group, know which oils are really the best, and I've heard 'Mobile 1', 'Royal Purple', 'Amsoil' a lot. The fact is, from what I've seen, most people use Mobile 1 5w30 for their 4.6L GT's.

    Why does the oil industry have to be such a fluster-cluck and start showing us the contents of these oils so we can make an informed decision.

    And Amsoil. Could there be more cheasy web sites like Amsoil and 'Amsoil is the nectar of the gods?!' The bias is so obvious it's pathetic. Come on!
  14. I pay $3.79 per quart for Mobil 1 at Walmart. Cheapest place I have seen it.
    I dont think there is much difference between oils, may be in the blend.

    I have used 3 different brands in past years and all have worked well.
  15. I don't think it would make to much of a difference if you ran Mobil one or Royal purple. I remember reading in MM&FF that Royal Purple added something like 5HP to the car after they changed it. I still say Mobil One if just fine though.
  16. Heres the deal guys:

    I was always die hard royal purple, untill a recent re dyno on a race engine. When you first add royal purple it will add horse pawer but after the first 3, 4 heat cycles the oil goes through changes and it basically turns into regular oil. Still good but not gaining or freeing up any horse power either. I just started to run a oil called Pure Power. It never changes it structure under heat or anything, and frees up alot of horse power. it soakes into bearings so much so that you can wipe them off with any cleaner, and then you rub then or wet them they are slick and the water beeds up. This stuff is go good Mobil/exxon oil made an offer of 3 billion to purchase Pure Power, and they refused. This is the only stuff that I use, and that i would recommend :nice:

    Pure Power :hail2:

  17. I've never heard of this stuff. Who makes it and where do you get it??


  18. I have used Mobil1 5W30 in my (and my wife's) vehicles since 1992 with these results.

    1992 Honda Civic DX 75,000 miles
    1992 Honda Accord EX 76,000 miles
    1995 Honda Civic EX 142,000 miles
    2000 Ford Expedition 4.6L 36,000 miles
    2001 Honda Accord EX 51,000 miles
    2002 Ford Expedition 4.6L 38,000 miles
    2003 Ford Mustang GT 32,000 miles

    So far, not one failure, oil related or otherwise. I change my fluids religiously and use only OEM filters.

    I know that the lower mileage vehicles don't prove anything, but look at the Civic that had 142,000 miles on it. I bought this car new and traded it in on the 01 Accord and I was given $5,000 trade in for it. Then engine ran like it was new, and even the salesman asked me when I traded it in if I had put it on a treadmill becuase it drove like it was new. That same Civic I had twisted a spark plug off in the head (forgot to use antisieze) and the mechanic that worked on the car asked me what kind of oil I used. Before answering, I asked why, and he said that the engine looked like it had about 30k miles on it. It had 119k on it. I told him I used Mobil1, and he said he now knew why the engine looked as good as it did with no noticable wear.

    I still use Mobil1 and will continue to do so. I've just had either good luck, or it's that good.