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  1. Right now I have a breather on the valve covers. One is a filter and the other is an old school chrome breather. I'm looking to possibly install a catch can, but since I don't have a PCV system any more, help me with the schematics of installing one.

    I could reroute the breather on the drivers side down toward the bottom of the engine. That way I'd get rid of some of the fumes coming back into the car and keep excess oil from accumulating on the valve cover but I'd prefer the catch can.
  2. You need to plumbed to vacuum source to make it work correctly.
  3. I would suggest returning the PCV system to stock. Anything else is just a pointless hassle and a waste of time and money.
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  4. I fugured that much. I guess I'll just route the filter to the bottom of the engine bay.
  5. Agreed. Put the PCV system back in order:

    - run a hose from the inlet tube (post MAF) to the driver's side valve cover
    - run a line from the passenger side valve cover PCV port to the catch can
    - put the PCV valve inline with a hose from the catch can to the intake manifold (after the throttle plate)

    You want positive ventilation which means using a vacuum source but you need a PCV valve to ensure you're vacuuming the crankcase only under the right circumstances.
  6. OK...I need to remove the direct injection nitrous. Without having experience with converting to nitrous I should connect the the PCV to the manifold where the nitrous port is on the front of the throttle spacer? What to I do with the port on the back of the throttle plate? This is mated to a 6061 plenum. DSC_0310_071.JPG DSC_0311_072.JPG DSC_0312_073.JPG
  7. Should I leave the spacer in and use that to rerun the PCV system? I don't have a port on the plenum for a PCV tube.
  8. Why does the nitrous have to come off?

    The port could be used as a PCV port I think. What is its dimensions? Is there enough flow at that port under engine vacuum to achieve proper ventilation?

    Could you remove the plenum and have a 3/8" (e.g.) bung TIG welded by a talented welder on the rear face?

    Something like this:


    from here:


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  9. I bought the car with the nitrous fittings and solenoids already installed. I don't want or need it. I'll have to pull the line and see what size fitting it has. I'm guessing it ain't 3/8. I could probably have the plenum modified but before I do that I'd just assume trade for one that is already set up for a PCV set-up.
  10. Not sure of the state laws where you are at but a Breather any where on your Pvc system would make it the system open and would not pass NC inspection. Venting gases is a no-no.
  11. Laws here are pretty strict. We have tighter emissions controls due to all the chem plants and refinaries. But... :D
  12. Who makes this plenum??