Oil slinger .... is it needed??

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Spanish Dave, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. I have just had the timing cover off my newly rebuilt 289 (to check cam timing) and I have put it all back together really nicely ... plenty of silicon to repair slightly torn gaskets etc. ... the only thing is that now I have the oil slinger from the front of the crankshaft sitting on my bench :chair: . Is it possible and even advisable to run without this part. It is a problem also that my puller for the balancer stripped it's threads when I originally removed the balancer so I can't get it off again.
    If I get advice from this forum to put it back ... I will do so .... but the only thing is I will have to wait for 2 weeks or so to get another puller sent here to Spain from the US. It is just that it seems such a *nondescript* part to me.
  2. I Did The Same Thing, Left Mine Out During The Build And So Far I Have Had No Problems. I Think It Just Aids In Keeping Oil From Making It Past The Seal. I Honestly Don't Know For Sure. ??????
  3. Chalk another one up. I also spaced out during reassembling a 289 several years ago and left the slinger out, but it didn't seem to matter one way or the other, since the motor lasted for years until I lost track of the car and it's last owner. I always seem to have parts left over after any project... :D
  5. Not only does it save weight, but it goes back together soooo much quicker when you eliminate all the "extras" :nice:
  6. BEWARE! Opinion follows. I have always understood that one of the functions of that part was to "sling" oil on the timing chain and gears as well as shielding to some extent the front crank seal.
    Howard :shrug:
  7. this is one of those Ford engine quasi-religious issues that doesnt have a clear answer. Most ppl will say you can leave it off.

    I always put mine back on out of habit, but I know many who dont and Ive never heard of an issue later on. I certainly wouldnt tear the motor down again just to put the slinger on.
  8. Well ... thanks for all the replies ... I won't bother stripping it all down again .... I'll just see if I can get it running instead !!
  9. Ok, I'm not familiar with Ford V8, which is embarresing to me, because I love Ford so much, and only for creating the Mustang.

    Anyways, what is this oil slinger part, where is it, and why is it ok to leave out?
  10. i have taken many v8s apart to find that it was already gone and one was in the family it's whole life, no problems with the front seals either
  11. Yeah, but let's also take note that the same engineer that though that little piece of technology up also felt the need to put PLASTIC-coated timing gear in! How many of us have dug that crap out of the oil sump screen after disassembly? :D
  12. It's just dumb factory thinking, I guess. I have never left one off, the only time I forgot was when I was building a motor on a stand so it was easy to go back in and replace it.

    I really think the factory just did it to take a load off the front seal, as they had to pay warranty claims if it leaked.

    Also, they put plastic on the chain to make it really quiet. They obviously didn't think long term though. Maybe, because of the movie "The Graduate", they thought plastics were the future! :)
  13. I haven't had mine on in a long time. Also, with some double roller chains you can't fit the slinger on the crankshaft.