Oil, what do you use?

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  1. I was just curious what you guys used in your cars. I had been using valvoline with fram filters. But now i put in castrol gtx with a motorcraft filter. WHat do you use?
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    i like the castrol gtx with a stp filter.
  3. Castrol GTX :nice:
  4. Mobil1 fully synthetic with a wix filter.
  5. i don't understand what the deal is with synthetics, you can change your oil with regular oil every thousand miles, and pay about the same as you pay for synthetic
  6. Mobile 5w-20 and a Motorcraft filter.
  7. but then you have to change ur oil every 1000 miles. :bang:

    and cars using purely synthetic oil have shown nearly no wear after 100,000 miles while normal oils cannot say that...
  8. mobil 1 5w30 with a purolator pure one filter. now you want to know how much synthetics protect your engine? (the oil is the only reason i can figure this lasted as it did...) I drove my car for betweeen 800-1000 miles with no oil in it due to a road hazard poking a hole in my filter. everyone says this should be gone by like 5 miles. but i swear i made a notation of when i heard the ticking (which was meaning the car was low on or out of oil) and 1000 miles later i took it in to get serviced to see what it was and sure enough my oil filter was f'd up.
  9. What about Royal Purple :hail2: It claims it can increase HP dyno tested
  10. I know 3 people with stangs who use it and love it. I might be switching over. It's around $30 bucks an oil change though. :(
  11. how does oil increase hp?
  12. It doesnt...it reduces friction and that creates hp. Less friction = more hp
  13. The molecules are smaller. They only recommend it for late model cars or cars with low miles. :nice:
  14. No, you car can have high miles. Its just that you don't want to stick it in after you have been running dinosaur oil for the past 10 years. Ive been running synthetic since 30000 and I will keep running it till my car dies. And, the only reason they don't want it on higher mileage cars is that it will develop leaks in the system or may remove clots which might actually be helping ur oil system out...lol
  15. I use Valvoline synthetic 5W-30....seems to run really smooth to me.
  16. i just changed my oil into the royal purple and i'll let you all know how it works out for me :)

    it was just as chap as mobil 1, and it says you only have to change it every 12,000 miles. :D
  17. Motorcraft 10w-30 with FRAM filter :|. I would try synthetic if it wasn't so expensive.
  18. people who don't like synthetic because of the price think too much on short run costs, or dont plan on keeping their car very long. In the long run synthetic will keep your engine running lots smoother, cleaner, with less maintinance on anything your oil touches. (or so i've been told.)
  19. Valvoline Max Life and Pure One filter
  20. 10W-30 Valvoline Dino oil. AC Delco Filter :))) I lose about a quart every two weeks so there is no way I'm gonna use Mobil 1.