Oink I need a favor!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by str8stang036, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Can you repost the pics of the hidden wires because I tried going back to it and I cant see the pics anymore. Please do me this favor. I am going to start this weekend, and I need some guidance.

    Also, do I need to remove the intake in order to hide the efi harness? I was planning on doing this with the intake install.

  2. If you have aim/aol, IM me and ill send them all to you. My sn is jgk6776..
  3. I tried using the aim, but it comes up with an error. Im going to email you now.
  4. what do you mean an error? whats ur SN?
  5. mine is str8stang036 for aol.
  6. sorry man i dont have them on my comp anymore, they are on a cd somwhere, but im sure Yellow95Cobra has pics of his car, and mine.

    For the EFI harness, i didnt really hide the injector harness, I simply cut off the old loom and re wrapped it with thiner loom, and taped it tightly. This makes the harness just slightly thinner then before.

    For the coil wires i simply hid/stuffed them behind the PS braket, in the groves on the backside of it.

    For the alt wires i cut the old loom and wraped them in very thin loom.

    For the Harness on the firewall i just stuck/wedged it up under that ridge and then fastend it on with a bolt with a large washer on it.

    For the tranny harness ( aode only maybe?) i ran it below on the bottom of the firewall, out of sight.

    For the canister purge valve solinoid i hid/jammed it behind the main EFI conector
    (the really big conector on the firewall) and ran the wire/conector behind this large EFI conector

    The headlight,turn signal, ect Harness i ran in the inner fenders, in front of the radiator and around to the other side, where the other harness ( pass side) was zip tied to the inner fender.

    I also mounted the ignition module in the inner fender.
    Relocated the CCRM to the inner fender also, and ran the Fan/overflow bottle level wires behind the catch can to the CCRM in the inner fender. Both were re loomed with thinner loom or no loom and electric taped tightly.

    Thats about all i can think of right now.
    Maybe Yellow95Cobra can give you some tips also.
  7. Yellow had the pictures Oink. Thanks for the tips!!