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  1. was going to sell off and part out my 98 cobra to put the money in to my 1970 boss but now I've had a motor fall in to my lap and don't know it i should jump at it or not ,
    I have been offered a 2006 5.4 3v motor , very low milage .
    the thing is what options do I have for a intake ?
    I can't find any aftermarket companys that make anything for it ?
    I was thinking a set of cam phaser locks , hot-rod cams and headers, with a intake .
    I posted once before and someone sent me the wiring diagram of a navagator, does anyone had or know where I can find the coil on plug wiring diagram ?
    any other ideas I've over looked ?
  2. heres a 2005 and up service manual
    http://api.viglink.com/api/click?fo...nuals - S197&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13269156612911
  3. some people **** me off to the point I want to snap and then there this guy :mad: that was selling the motor !! I show up to get it after talking to him on the phone , we had a deal for $700 cash for the motor , and he took one look at my new crew cab and wanted to change the price?? :nono: I was like WTF , aah NO we had a price set WTF , so he changed his mind and I refused to pay what he wants for it now ($1000) , which ****ed us both off so I walked away , and he follows me back to the truck tring to talk his way into getting me to pay his price , I am in my truck , in gear and his F^C&ING DOG JUMPED ON MY DOOR and scratched the paint > , and what did he say ......sorry and walked away , If I'd had a gun i'd have shot the dog on the spot :mad: I hate people
  4. So when he saw that you had a flash truck he then wanted to jack the price? That sucks man...