Ok, I need some help buying stuff for V6 2000 mustang. *newbie*

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  1. I want to get 17" tires
    Chrome cobra style rims
    Dual EXhaust *something with a somewhat decent rumble*

    I need to know places located in NORTHERN VA that will either sell and or install this stuff. I really want to try and find a local shop or whatnot that will do this stuff for me.

    Please help.
  2. If you already know what you want, get rims/tires online at TireRack, GEFRacing, any of the normal websites we all go to, including eBay. Install rims/tires yourself as most places sell them already balanced. Exhaust, any Monroe or garage if you get a direct bolt-on system.

    If you have jack stands and a hacksaw, you can put the exhaust on yourself and save $50-$100.
  3. Like I always say... Excessive Motorsport EAST in Manassas Va will help ya w/ your performance stuff! Questions? PM me :)
  4. And lower it with the rims
  5. Best idea yet.

  6. you mean lower it at the same time i do the rim change?

    lower would look better huh. what should I lower it to etc?
  7. Go with a Bullitt kit from gefracing.com. it includes everything from springs and shocks to sway bars. thats the safe way to go if your concerned about ride quality.
  8. Yeah thats what I meant. Thanks for not being a smart ass about it.

    If you headlights are all blurry, some smoked headlights look very mean. I got mine on yesterday! :nice:
  9. I'd lower it about 1.5" and not go beyond that as I think that it looks slammed that way.
  10. i noticed that there were 2 people from Northern Va...anyone from mclean? thats where im from.. but im looking to get new exhaust for mine (2000). but i dont want to get gt takeoffs unless there the smartest to buy. which boltons sound the best and add good power at the same time? any suggestions.

  11. babstang: thanks for info. btw not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but I sure wasn't. I really didn't know if lowering at same time of tire change was what you meant heheh. im a noob.