ok is it just me or does everyone want a 347 like me LOL have some Q?

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  1. OK I want to build a 347ci here in few years after I get done with school. Right now I have a 289 block in the car. Can I use this or do I have to get a 302 block what is the best kit out there for this. What would be the good stuff to do in the motor like the Cam,pistons,rockers,rods,intake. Now I have a torkerII intake on the car right now That iam thinking of using on the 347. I would like to use a blower or turbo setup on this so the motor has to like boost :D . I will have another car too drive in case this is to much for a daily driver. I have a C6 right now with a 3500 stall and a shift kit this should work good on the new motor.

    ANY input would help and what do you think the price would be for this.
  2. www.coasthighperformance.com is the company that I am going to for my 347 buildup. THey sell kits and shortblocks with High compression for N/A power or low compression kits for those of us who want a boost wether it be Nitrous or a blower. From what I have heard they are great kits. I will also be using AFR heads on my car. They are the best performers that I have read about to this date. You will want a nice profile cam if you want high horsepower or a lower profile if you want better streetability. Intake depends. an edelbrock is probably going to be your best bet. And as far as the 289 block being used, you can use it but be careful and make sure the block is solid. have it tested and everything. I am hoping that my buildup will be under 4 grand cuase that is all I have as of now(unless the stock market decides to raise up a ton :)). When it comes to an engine buildup though the sky is the limit.
  3. I would NOT use the 289 block. It is not strong enough for a 347, DONT USE IT.
    1) the main webbing is skinny. (compaired to a 302)
    2) the bore skirts are to short and WILL let the 347 stroker piston rock and get jammed at the bottom,, BOOM
    3)get a 302 block earlier than 1974. the pan rails and main webs are thicker.
    these blocks are good to about 600HP
    4)Main caps are junk on a 289, get the Hi Po caps or better yet find a Mexican 302 block, this is the same as a Hi Po 289 and has all the goodies like thick main caps for alot cheaper than a "Hi Po" I got mine for $100.00 or If you have a money stash somewhere then go to Ford for a block.
    But dont use a 289 for a stroker motor!!!!
  4. Nope, some of us have higher aspirations.
    I want a stroker based on a 351!
  5. Good Choice, but for a 65-66 stang that is getting very tight and you will need Custom stuff like headers and so on.
  6. I don't want a 347
  7. no you don't.
    stick with your six banger.
  8. 6 pistons, 3 speeds, who needs anything else?
  9. :crazy:

    If I went with a 347 I would give up cubic inches. That's not a good thing. So my dream is a 351 stroked to 427. :cool:
  10. i don't want a 347, i like my 289, they rev like hell and are just as powerful as a 302... but they'll out rev any other ford motor 10:1
  11. ok Golf4283 what kind of power do you think that bad boy will put out. I want more than 350Hp. I just want more than my stock car has now.
  12. im guessing my final setup will produce around 450-475horsepower to the flywheel. so about what like 350-375 to the wheels??
  13. You should be able to hit those wheel numbers easy. My 347 has a wimpy cam, out of the box TF TW heads, and out of the box Holley DP mec sec carb, and I put down 338.9. I am hoping for 400+ rwhp with my cam upgrade, head work, and fi.

  14. You make me super happy gp001. Just hearing that makes me hope i can put down 400 to the wheels :)
  15. If you want to see my specs to compare, go to my page

  16. 347's are great.. but when you have too many cars and are saving for a bike (who me?), the parts become just too expensive to put together. this summer i'm building a 306 instead. should be more than enough for a cruiser with what i have planned.

    Golf: are you going to be buying their shortblock or a kit?
  17. Depending on the state of my block I am going to decide what to do. I am hoping just to buy the kit but if my block is bad I will go the shortblock method.
  18. Just my $0.02 here...

    Take the money you were gonna spend on the 347 stroker ang get a 351W block. A 351W with a modest bore (mine is now a 357 and I like the sound of that) will out rev, out grunt, and outlast a 347. It will probably even cost you less!

    I am not a fan of the "big" strokers. A 331 makes more sense to me, similar to the 383 (not sure about that number) rather than the 347/427. Once you get your stroke THAT long you lose some ability for high RPMs and you increase the wear on the rings due to piston speed. Don't forget, a 302 IS a 289 stroker :D

    If the 302 block is good for 600HP (not disputing that) then the 351W block is easily good for 800. You wanna talk about beefy? Getting your 400RWHP with a 351W foundation is not going to be hard at all. I stayed mild on my cam (for power brakes and automatic tranny) and am expecting ~350RWHP out of the box.
  19. Agree with Edbert.
    351 with decent heads
  20. well I was thinking that if my block is bad that I will go with a 393 stroker becuase its only 200 bucks more over the 347 for the shortblock. The reason I want to stay smallblock is becuase of clearance and stuff like that. I dont want to have to deal with a sparkplug change by taking out my whole engine ya know?? its just easier with a small block.