Ok, It's 04 now, who is going to be at WFC this year?

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  1. Figure I will plant the seed early for some people :)
    I already have time off from work and will be reserving my room in the next few days.
    I know Garrett already made his reservations.
    Who else plans on being there?
    From the response at TF it sounds like the usual Suspects will be there (Huber,Flanders,Snoopstang, McCool,Morgan) And also JDB!!

    So Post up if you plan on being there!
  2. Sorry I'm a newb to the world of Fords. I'm guessing this is like Super Chevy, but Like for all Fords?

    When and where is this held at ?
  3. St.Louis Mo.
    I'll be there unless i am graduating that weekend (which is a possibility) Im too lazy to look up my graduation date right now but hopefully ill be able to go.

  4. ive never been there and i live kidna close. I might show up depending on what date it is set for :nice:
  5. I missed it last year (tried to make it a day trip, and I thought it would be rainy and crappy with a 5hr drive each way).
    I definatly want to be there, and unless it is finals week, I will be there. :nice:
  6. Cool. It is May 13-16th in St Louis.
    It gets better every year :)
  7. I don't have any plans of going this year but I'd REALLY like to see JDB run. My plan was to go the the NHRA race at HPT that's the weekend before.

  8. You've gotta make it Stinger! Otherwise Who will provide the entertainment? :rlaugh:

    We made our reservations last night.
    Now I need to figure out what car(s) to have around for the trip :nice:
  9. I should be able to make it. Maybe us Kansas people could drive together or something.
  10. Me, duh!

    I better see some more 2.3ers out there this year. This will be my 5th year going to the show. It's definitely worth going to, why else would I drive 10 hours?

    Here's a pic of early Saturday morning (I think it was) at the show last year :)
  11. DAMN, finals week starts the monday after WFC. I may still be able to make it for one day... :notnice:
  12. Man, those are some late finals. Mine end the week before (actually it's pretty convenient, WFC is always right between when finals end and when summer classes start, gonna have to take a couple summer classes next year)
  13. So Garrett, what will you be doing this year to entertain us? :D

    Oh BTW, Mary set us up at the Best Value Atrium inn, it has a big Heated pool, and it is only like .2 of a mile from the motel 6, so it will still be easy to hang out.
    So Bring your swimming trunks!

    Bhuff- Last Year Mary, Jillian and I were Not going, then at like 8:00 Thursday we decided to go, found a couple rooms to stay in, and left Friday after work. We only were at WFC for Saturday, and even then it was well worth it. And it is also about a 5 hour drive for us.
  14. I will be providing my usual wit and charm for the entire weekend. hehehe
  15. Just lock your keys in your car Red...that's all the entertainment he needs :rlaugh:
  16. Damn, looks like i graduate that week, so i can't make it.