Ok kids.. Load your guns.....

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  1. LOOKs like a mini eleanor buaha ha haaaaa.
  2. the quarter window scoop and the quarter panel scoops look out of place on that car. Like they don't fit.
  3. Sounds like a well built car. I'm kinda hot and cold on the looks but I'd gladly drive it for a couple of weeks to see if i like it.
  4. Looks like a well built car....

    Although he says its worth $80 grand. Sorry, but no.
  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!

    Looks like an Elen***** after an afternoon on a steam room! :rlaugh:

    I agree, those scoops just don't look right!
  6. Anyone else scared by the rusting hulks in the background? Makes one wonder what this was built up from.
  7. oh no

    man oh man
  8. Part owner of the Mustang place..................but unemployment forces sale? :nonono: Why didn't he just say there si a baby on the way.

    NOS parts on a restomod? :nonono:

    4 years in the making? But 65' Eleanor parts just became available?

    Even if I was pro Eleanor, I'd say this car would still have no place in the world.

    My hunch is that nearing completion something seriously wrong was discovered with the car, so a quick paint job and some glass was felt to be the quickest way to get top dollar plus out of it.
  9. With the exception of not having any place in the world , (ie , if it makes the fella that builds it happy with his toy ,) I pretty much have to agree with the rest of that assessment.
  10. Just for clarification, none of the fiberglass on this car is from our E2 kits...
  11. i dont see why you guys dont like it
    i dont see anything wrong with it

    i think it kicks ass actually
  12. I personally do like it. I agree with Pakrat , a problem must have surfaced somewhere during construction. If he were simply trying to turn a profit, he would have used a 67 . The only other option I can think of is that maybe after he finished, he wanted a 67-68 . Who knows. As far as 65s go though, I think it looks tough. But looks are relative to whose lookin'.... Definately not everybody here will like it. Some, simply because of a hatred for Eleanor that they cant get past , others , well, simply because they dont like it , nothing more . The same way you and I may not like the taste of licorice. If he did do it to simply turn a buck , I foresee disaster .....
  13. [Lock and load]

    Scoops are too big; hate the hood - but don't I always? Getting a little tired of the paint scheme. Which reminds me about yet another negative point (in my eyes): The R model front valance doesn't 'go' with the showcar paintjob. Nearly every R model photo I've seen from "back in the day" featured a basically monochromatic car; maybe a stripe or two..... nothing like pewter metallic with supergloss black stripes under 5-8 layers of clearcoat! :rolleyes: Too me, all it needs is a black anodized bi-plane wing off the back of some homeboy's '92 Civic sedan to complete the set. :p

    It could be what it should be; and that's a very well built street machine. But then it blows it with this stuff hanging off of it that serves a very different purpose. :nonono:

    [/Lock and Load]

    Still Dreamin'
  14. thats the dumbest thing i have seen posted in this website

    and how the hell could any guy that's into old stangs not like the eleanor car ?
  15. Good question! But don't let a small collection of negative people sway your opinion, there are many more people out there that DO think Eleanor was a neat car. That's why '67-'68 fastback prices are kinda steep these days. Eleanor is the reason I chose to build a '67 Shelby clone, and although nobody else admits it, I'd suspect I'm not alone, since there is now a 6 month backlog of '67 Shelby 'glass from Branda. A lot of people would have you think Eleanor was a horrifyingly ugly car that only looks good on camera and that if we're not careful they will be as common as Kia's. Sure, whatever. There are people honest enough to say their pulse races during the chase scene on "Gone", you and I are only a small percentage.

  16. Responding without taking into account the whole context is obviously right up there on the intelligence scale, Buckwheat! :rolleyes:

    And how the h*** could any guy that's into old Stangs not know that the R valance would not be part of a Street car???? :nonono:
  17. ZOOKEEPER FOR PRESIDENT !!!! GO ZOO! GO ZOO! :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:
  18. Not one for following the bandwagon, :rolleyes:
    But if this guy has so much into it as he has listed
    then he should have posted some pic's of the underside.
    Is there something he is trying to hide?

    Pakrat has a good point, there are a lot of junkers in the background
    and it does make me wonder what condition it started out as.

    :shrug: Elly's are for those who like them.
    I would like to see more with a differant color scheme tho,
    Repeating the movie car is so :sleep:

    Hoppy, Where are the pic's?
    Still interested in seeing at least one tastefully done.