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  1. It will be a cold day in Hell before I let the DMV determine what my car will look like. I swear, sometimes I wonder where the free-thinking American spirit has gone. Please do not take this personally, because I respect your views on many things you posted on, but I happen to disagree with this one, big time. The California motor vehicle code book is chock full of stupid, pointless laws that I have every intention of ignoring. Did you know that the law in this state requires a front plate on cars, but none on bikes? Where is the continuity in that one? For that matter, if a bumper is such a wonderful thing, why don't motorcycles have them? As far as bumpers are concerned, try getting a definition on what a bumper is from anyone involved with law enforcement. I have, and belive me it's as clear as mud. My first car was a hot rod model A pickup. I felt the bumper was an eyesore, and since many traditional hot rods (mine was) simply had a chrome bar between the front framerails, I asked a local cop if that was ok. His answer was, "as long as it connects the framerails together, it's legal." BTW, my '93 GMC pickup , which I bought new had NO rear bumper at all! I guess that makes it a race-only vehicle, right? As far as stangdreamin's thinking that the non-functional scoop is pointless, I'd like to point out that engine clearance on early Mustangs is a squeeker. As anyone who's ever put that new aluminum hi-rise on, then shut the hood only to put a nasty dimple in it from the air cleaner stud how close that stock hood is! My wifes stock '69 427 vette has a similar, non-functioning bump for the same reason. Also, I'd bet good money that anyone who thinks a '67 Shelby style hood obstructs their view is either shorter than they'd like to admit, or has never sat in a car so equipped, since the scoop is hardly a sky-scraper. Lets face it, modified cars always have been and always will be a matter of personal choice, if you like it fine, if not, please don't quote obsolete laws and made up rules as to what is and what is not "right".
  2. Okay, I'll have to go back and see who brought the DMW into this discussion. I said nothing about the DMV....just posted my personal preference for the (quoting myself) "..vestigial bumber...".

    Regarding "the scoop": I've a few questions regarding "It's just a glassed-over scoop". First, the "power bump" appears to be quite a bit short of the full extension of the GT-500 (and '67 GT-350) scoop. Also (maybe this is because of the "shortness") it appears to be a bit taller. For reference; I'm 5'11" and have pictures of myself riding shotgun in an unrestored GT-500KR 'vert. Nick Cage is 6'??", and I've seen the movie several times including outtakes of scene shot of him from the front of that car. Now it could be due to camera angles or perhaps because of the differences in the aftermarket seats in the GISS2 car vice those in the real '500; but a lot more of my face shows from the "hood height" camera shots than his face shows in the movie. Pretty 'unscientific'; but to my old eyes, it looks like "the Bump" is a heck of a lot taller than the origianl scoop. What can I tell you?

    Look at the average BB '67-68 GTA. How tall is the "required clearance" hump in the hood? And also remember.... my first post indicated that everything I typed was my opinion. The old cliche is that opinions are like a-holes; everybody has one and they all stink. Through three pages of this thread, I (among others) have been told that my opinion smells more "ripe" than yours/his/somebody else's; but nobody has come up with a way to prove this. It's basically one opinion versus another. And that's what makes Stangin' soooooo much fun.

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  3. I totally respect your opinion and my last post addressed a couple things that both you and pabear brought up, that's where the DMV thing came in. As far as the scoop, bump or whatever you choose to call it goes, you're going to have to trust me when I say it's stock height, width and size for a '67 shelby, with the minor exception of the opening being closed up. Any pics of you in a GT500KR are completely beside the point since neither KR's or convertible Shelby's were made in '67 and the '68 Shelby hood is much different form the '67, due to wind noise, I've heard. Although it sounds like I have waaay too much time on my hands, I've stopped a couple scenes in the movie in the past to scope out the hood fit (it fit very well, and mine sucked before major reworking) and I can tell you it looks EXACTLY like mine from inside the car. I'm a bit shorter than you (5'-10") and can see very well past the scoop. In fact, the wipers present more of an obstacle to see around than the scoop ever could. I also agree with you're thinking about opinions, if they were all the same all the time, what fun would that be?
  4. Hey Zoo, I agree whole heartedly that the DMV law books have many outdated and useless rules.
    Many are still on the books for Horse and Buggys. :notnice:

    Depending on what may have crawled up in your local law enforcement's rear, they could use them to fill their ticket book in an afternoon.

    Just one more smelly opinion. :D

  5. I can take that. The KR is indeed a '68, and I was unaware of any differences in the hood. Only '67 shots I have are of a '350 that moved to town (actually was bought by a local), and I can imagine THAT'S a different hood as well.

    Understand what you said about the hood fitment. The KR's hood has a little "lift" on the right front corner, doesn't line up horizontally with the headlight door. Guy that owns it says it's been like that since new as far as he can remember (inherited it from his father the original owner); and he doesn't want to mess with it, since he'd probably have to repaint the car rather than match the original paint (weathered, a few age cracks).

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  6. Ain't that the truth! I've always felt (and unfortunately tested) that many of those laws are convienently used to "discourage" any roadside discussion about the sanity of the officer. You know, where you get pulled over for speeding, now you're pissed, and you "accidently" wonder out loud whether the officer's parents were actually married when they concieved him. The next thing you know, your ticket now includes everything from being too low, to tinted windows, to the tires being worn too much to the minor crack in your windshield to the headlights being out of adjustment, all of which are not enough to pull someone over for, but more than enough to shut someone up. My new philosophy is to lay low, don't do anything stupid and if pulled over, act sorry and kiss the nice officer's butt and most of the time you WILL get off with a warning. Think I'm lying? I talked my way out of a 95 in a 55 ticket (stupid I know) when I pulled out to pass a slower car on a two-lane and "forgot" to lift, by simply treating officer Black of the CHP with a little respect and by telling him how sorry I was, etc. Some cops are truly nice guys, and given half a chance will act like it.
  7. I don't mind cops. I've never met a chp officer that I've liked...met one off duty after about 15 minutes talking to him I asked "so your with the chp aren't you " he wondered how I knew. "a spincter says what?"